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Hotpoint 9534

Well I never! Never would I have thought it would have been an electron! I’m exited to watch this video I had a feeling it could be something like this but I was sure it was going to be hotpoint! This will be interesting to watch!

Servis Gem

Glad to see it looks fabulous in your kitchen

Thomas Webster

I guessed it was a servis when i saw the drum but not a merloni! And wow it is powerful smashing video Brandon! PS I thought it was a Hotpoint 9534!

Toji George

2:01 What the bloody hell is right!! I wasn't expected an Electra badged Servis!!! I got the impression that it would be an AEG washer dryer 😔. Oh well it looks like a good machine to have actually 😁😉. Oh and nice to see you have a scoop again, my Favourite scoop as well may i add 😔


Bloody hell I had loads in mind but a merloni was the last thing I thought 😂

Marc Leslie

I’ve never seen one of these before. Have fun with it!

Bob Surrey

I thought hotpoint made Electra machines in the 90 s?

Samsung Miele

How is result when you use " White Comfort Softener "?

Washerlad 2014

Amazing as always Brandon!! actually a Merloni was my second guess!! XD

Ive Made A Video

Impressive machine, no comparison with the A3060 in spin noise


I'm a simple person. I see a Washer Dryer I click especially if it is a vid from you. EDIT: What the Bloody hell have you gotten yourself into?

Washing Machine Guy

Don't think I've clicked so fast in my life lol

Franz P

it's an old ARDO! (merloni) the only one with 4 agitator (also now)

Charlie Payne

Run a laundromat with vintage washing machine's

neo xar

stop talking my friend while the washing machine its warking!!

Ignas V.

wow that was unexpected!. So i was thinking it's gonna be something from vintage Gorenje or Bendix

Chris Mugford

I thought it was gonna be a hotpoint I was wrong haha, loving the timer clicking away

Xx DarkKnight2004 xX

Nice machine what do you and your mother think of it


Hi. Have you ever tried spinning your machine with the door open

vacuum chum

That reminds me of my 1996 whitenight tumble dryer.


This was one of the last machines I would’ve thought you would ever have lmao

LeonFan 27

Wow nice machine, I love it! Who cares what anyone else thinks, if your happy with it that's all that counts. I love the instant reverse on the spins and the sound of the motor. Also looks like it does a good job rinsing!

Looking forward to seeing more videos of it 🙂


This was totally unexpected! 👍😇