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Ilia Lozanski

Take them out every 2-3 days in the future xD

Popa Andrei

The mail thing is sooooooo true... i wish you succes when you will get the 10k experience charms... good luck with that 😂😂😂😂 i was so pissed off on 200 . I can't imagine 3000+ the only reason i get out everything and store it in my vault/inventory... i rather change characters and mail them than do this shit 😂 and idk but maybe is an addon for bns buddy like insta salvage and upgrade maybe is something for that too


You need like 2 hr to take the 3.6k xp charms out. You can try support.

Rocky Jack

use mouse and key recorder and then go to sleep . — . ez


I just retrieve them every few days and i never have any problems, i usually never have more than 2 pages of items.

Hōrō Sha

Not to mention that you have to transmute those charms into higher tiers so you can use them faster and that takes even more time xd

KS Productions

most players have their mail box clean though, you just done goofed.

MonsterFace PvP

Use auto hot key and have fun, just go afk


And that, boiz and grillz, is why you do inventory maintenance every day.

Nam1kage Sensei

How you can farm a lot of mats Nero :O ?

Nasuo Kone

i feel u nero same for me

when you're premium you have this issue but if you don't have premium you'll be okay with treasure pouch at least


i'm pretty sure, with bns buddy, you can find a mode that will make everything faster
also fusing the exp scrool


well i don't really stacks them till that much xd, but yeah i usually take them when in raid or in hm dungeon when ppl are explaining mech or while waiting others to get online etc :3

Sadstradamus De la Rue

me hace mucha gracia con los cascos rosas jajajajajajajaja

Joshua Ali

The item delivery system definitely needs help.

Yari V

the real question is why the hell you have so many saved up, I can't see a notification icon in my mail I always take everything real quick or I get mess-phobic

Alkar Tsuguri

Its a conspirancy to avoid ppl using the mailbox as another storage lmao

Povilas Grakas

kerropi use bns buddy mod for skip animations you can try it and see this skiped or not

Aditya Nna

just why did you have to let them stack upto 700 in the first place @.@ could have taken them when you got em and stored them in the vault

Code Infinity

Thing is. When u use bns buddy example...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFbTK6MsQfs you can do those options open boxes imeditly. Now im not sure if u can so same for bonus box taking out items there faster than just 30 at time. But there must be better ways! I agree with you that it is annoying to be able to wait and take out items that have accumulated in time. I just hope bns team can fix this somehow!