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swagging sisters

Love our Scrubba bag too👍. We use soap nuts (no rinse required then), wring each item, onto the pegless clothesline to dry😃 (we do carry some pegs and always have some rope too though)

Alex Capuano

Show us what a weekly or a big top up looks like. Love the behing the scenes of the full time traveler

andrew cox

We just try and stay in a non-powered site at a caravan park once a week and do it there.
Black dry bag for dirty clothes in the back when you're done. Clean ones in your duffel bag.

Another handy video guys.

Tread Lightly. down under

You guys should have a look at the pegless clothesline we have been using one for about 3 years now. 🤙

Jane Cowling

we find using wool wash there is no need to rinse unless clothes are really dirty.