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Hi Roger! I just bought a second hand Sebo Felix Premium in Color Fun. I cleaned it and refurbished it and everything seems fine. It works perfectly . But the Powerhead keeps turning of on my very high pile shag rug ( 4 cm pile) as if there was a blockage. Is this normal on very high pile??? I would appreciate your answer. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raysaun McLeod

In the us this is a hoover power scrub elite pet carpet cleaner

Hana Alyea Uzumaki

I love carpet cleaning my favorite is A bissell Pro pro heat and what is your favorite Carpet cleaning IBaisaic

ASMR cleaning

Could some of that colour be from the dye in the carpet?

Jake Aley

Great video roger
Keep up the good work ! Considering that carpet is only a year old it is surprising how Much dirt that comes out of it!

sam 210

Hi I figured out your vax carpet washer are Hoover up in the USA


I have the USA version...Hoover Power Scrub Elite and it does a wonderful job. Best carpet cleaner I have purchased.

GrumpyMan's REVIEWS

Great detailed video as usual. Have you tried the Bissell Pro heat? I don’t know which one to go for.

Random Acts of Video

Looking forward to the longer demo, much like I do to the big mess tests.

Husky Vacs

I hope that gray water wasn't the dye being washed out of the carpet fibers, it looked like the same color as the carpet.


Yep, Hoover and Vax are owned by the same parent company, hence the similarity in design. Regardless, I just got my hands on a Hoover Power Scrub Elite (same unit as shown here, but for North America), and I’m very impressed with the performance. Even after having my carpets professionally cleaned, I’m pulling out filth I never knew existed in them.

AC lil corner

are the brushes air driven or belt ? seems to work good

Greg Bouchard

See a relly good mate I hop are u hove a good day mate are u hove a good day mate good day form Greg Bouchard

ShrinkDavid 1982

I have a Hoover that is very similar to this.

Joey Wiegand

At 12:10 if you look at the back of the vax logo it sort of looks like the Hoover logo we have on our power scrub elite machines here in the United States

Walid Shalabi

Cool machine! Wish this was available in Lebanon! 🙁

Mikey Eastaugh

Do another video of this carpet cleaning machine please


There is something very satisfying in seeing the dirty water in the clear container. 🙃

Jane Clark

Are they cassette tapes on your shirt Roger...? It’s very trendy... I love it 🥰

Damian S

Is this better than the bissell big green machine?

MDClean Jasa Sedot Tungau dan Debu

Looking forward to get another review from this machine for the sofa cleaner