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WOW That looks like a modern day Sebo automatic series

Sarah B

I think that printed symbol is an atom/atomic symbol. Not sure it’s THAT powerful though! 🤣

Bruce Solomon

We’ve just lost the brand in floorcare and they aren’t being carried in major appliances by Lowe’s a major retailer in the United States. I did buy a lovely canister from them in 2010 and a washer and dryer in 2016. I’m wondering if there’s a future for them here.

Steve Jones

I believe the 610/612 range were the first uprights to feature built in tools and hose, which Hoover copied by adding a hose and tools to their existing Turbopower dirty fan upright range in the late 80s calling it the "total system". The 612 carried over the electronic motor control dial from the older 560 / 506 models which they replaced, and the 610 was the replacement for the 550. Good vacuums for their day.

Lisa Connelly

I stumbeld across this random vid. What was the purpose of u doing a demo with it?


Oh lovely. So pleased it arrived in one piece. Indeed you’re right, the hose isn’t original, it was like that when I got it. I did my best with it, unfortunately I couldn’t do much about the wear. But it is a fine example. 😊. It was made in 1987. ☺️

dave sandy

Shame they don’t make vacuums like this anymore

Tony Bray

I did have a loan of one many years ago, a nice machine.........


Is it a separate motor for the brushroll?


The motor and brushroll are so soothing and I loved the sounds when it was picking up your "muck".

Rick Hoover

A very beautiful looking and very lovely sounding electrolux. I wish we had those in America.


It looks modern for an upright vacuum from the late 80's and having variable speed is cool.

Mad Watermelon

I can see now why Hoover started losing market share in the late 80s. Their upright range was rather old fashioned still being all dirty fan with poor suction on the tools. Electrolux gave you the best of both worlds.

Craft Production

Do you mind testing out a dibea c17?

Elephant26's Vacuum Reviews

You created your channel on the 11 June 2006 why didn't you upload till the 18 July 2012 that was 6 years you didn't upload on your channel for?

Jassa Walby

Nice vacuum cleaner Roger. It really is in fabulous condition and I think it would outperform many new vacuum cleaners.

Cameron Michael Reynolds

Hi Roger! Was thinking if you could maybe consider doing an unboxing and demonstration of a 732004 Morphy Richards Supervac 2 in 1. I know you have done a demonstration and unboxing of the deluxe model but I’m looking into that vacuum and wondered if you could do a review. Thanks😌

James Speakman
Watching Roger's latest bag-depth review of this carpet sweeper inevitably calls to mind the recent news piece about a thirtysomething Leeds woman with a fétish for chandeliers. Amanda "Statue of" Liberty (she/he/it indeed changed her name, due to an earlier pseudo-sexual obsession with the New York monument) has been described as an "objectophile".I wonder if you Roger, like Amanda, are in fact not as camp as a bottle of chicory (or, mutatis mutandis, as mad as a box of hermaphrodite French chandeliers) but rather as Amanda, youmake a living out of these objects of arousal?Just asking. If on the other… Read more »
Christina DeVries

I seriously love your videos! Your British accent is phenomenal! Keep on making awesome videos. Please subscribe to my channel for more music videos, song covers, and maybe some more tutorials! The more subscribers, the better!

Terry Jourdain

I wish they still made them so streamlined and slick looking. Nowadays they are too bulky and ugly.

Trenten Farmer

I have a hoover preferred and it has the hose on the side but it didn't get attachments for it but my dirt devil royal hand held has attachments that fit it


Giving the age of this machine, it looks to be in near immaculate condition, and it sounds absolutely fantastic! It great to see that our good friend Alex has cleaned this up and kept it to an excellent standard. I hope you enjoy it!

Brian Torobin

Thank you once again Roger! Applause! Indeed, this Electrolux has the clean, sleek lines I prefer in a cleaner, compared to the anarchy of pieces comprising a Dyson or so many bagless uprights of today. I’m always concerned that these bag-first uprights will damage carpets and floors and fingers when used in tool-mode. Much prefer the 2-motor uprights that allow you to shut off the brush roll when it is not needed.


Excellent sounding motor, back when engineers made vacuum cleaners and not accountants.

A. A

I had a 610 yonks ago.Was absoloutley trashed.Wouldnt mind another though