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This video made the repair and part identification easy. Best of all, it provided valuable information on troubleshooting what the problem was in the first place- often the most important part of the the puzzle. Thanks a million!!!

Justin Mitchell

Can you show this on Crosley top load machine, totally different style cabinet!

Karri Odell

I would just like to Thank you for the step by step instructions...you have made it possible for me to work on my old machine...that i simply could not afford to call someone out for a service call to take care of...Thank You and please continue the good work...


Piece of cake. Thanks for the instructions. My kenmore 90 series didn't have the bolt in the agitator, but used a ½" drive square hole that I turned with a socket extension. Also, if you pop off the motor from the gearcase, it makes it easier (lighter) to remove and install, and you can go ahead and replace the coupler ($8) which will inevitably need to be replaced at some point anyway.

Jessica from Texas

Ok the big part of the agitator is locked up do i need to replace the Washer Clutch ?


Great video. I did the repair on my washer in about 25 minutes. No hiccups after 3 loads of laundry. Thanks a bunch.


Absolutely awesome, thank you for the lesson and video, great job!! PEACE.

Leaders of the Old School

great refresher! been a while since i did it but ez as pie

Eric Bullock

l fixed this in 20 min, because of your video......thanks.

Neeks H

Just installed a new clutch using this video...I'm a first timer and it came out perfectly !!! The tub wasnt spinning so clothes were still soaking after the cycle. Thanks a million.

Daniel Goyer

Thank you for this excellent video. With it, I was able to replace the clutch on my Kenmore washer fairly easily.

Taimy Bringas

No way I am doing that!!! I may end up messing up the whole thing. This sounds complicated. 🙁

Lynn Williamson

Question if i removed the clutch how would i know if it needs to be replaced will it be broken or ?


my washer wont spin nor can I move it by hand. same part as this one?

Oliver Denlinger

Excellent video! Fixed our washer that wouldn't spin at full speed so wash often came out sopping wet at the end of the cycle. It took us about an hour to fix. The clutch cost about $18 and we have a new washer again in our rental! This video explains everything very accurately and was all the advice we needed! Thx again!

Mike Swatman

I got the coupler but the shaft coming fron the tranny look warn out. Voupler fits on the ttanny side of the shaft loosely. That seems to be the issue fire me. Anyone know of any vids to help with that? Also if one does know how to fix that can you replace one of the shaft that the couple fits onto. Ttranny shaft that is.

Tdc Willies

RepairClinic: remains the gold standard for How-To videos. Yup.

Matt Bennett

For the life of me I cannot get a replacement trans to slide in far enough to get it onto the "dowel" enough to even get a bolt in. Any help?

Jeep Guy

Good info in this video. I just ordered a new transmission gear case for my washer.

Miles Dyczok

Great video. Needed a refresher since the last time I had to do this repair. Inherited a 10 year old Whirlpool with the house I bought over 10 years ago. Every couple years it needs a few bucks in parts. Thanks to videos like this, I avoid hundreds in repairs.


Just want to say thanks! Helped me fix my washer!

old dave

I would like to see what was wrong with the old clutch, where it went wrong.

Karen Johnston

Replace clutch and coupling still won't spin

Rick Maxwell

Saved me a couple hundred bucks. I'm not a real "handy-man" but I followed the steps and had it finished and washing a load in an hour. Thank you!!!!

Alet Van Der Watt

Please help my whirlpool load the water and then it trip the electric box

Aarron Ault

What would cause a washer inner drum to be very tight and barely able to move by hand?


Im working on a maytag top load comercial washer. The problem is that stop at the last 3 or 5 minutes of the final spin. I did replace the clutch but i don't know what else could be. Any tip that can help me out fixing this problem. Thank you.

Engines LLC

I am an engine machinist w' 40 years experience, and 20 years watching vid clips of odd projects like this. This has the best editing, has the best sound and visual quality, no stupid music and OMG, a direct and to the point effing script! I wept. I wailed in astonishment. 5 stars!


Great Tutorial,Thanks to this I fix my Washer Machine...


I like the cargo pants and dress shoes... very classy, but I think the video would do a better job hitting home if there was some more ass crack.

John Q Public

Thanks to you, I saved myself either a $200 repair bill, or saved myself $400 for a new washer. Thank you for this video!!!!!!