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Congratulations to the winner!
I didn’t see your video until now, never showed up on YouTube until now!
Coming 5th feels great for me 🙂
Thank you 👍


Shame I didn't take part in this but doesn't matter anyway, it's always fun to see other people taking part 🙂

Pudgie Bear

lol I love The Who wants to be a millionaire music!

Derek Blaney

Awww shame I missed that!! But due to ill health I haven't been on you tube very much!!! X

Racer JA

Congratulations Spencer sorry I couldn’t do it I was busy that week

Washerlad 2014

the wash in is the million pound price!! XD

Toji George

I'm sorry i didn't take part in this Brandon but i was in Kent at a friends house when that video was released so i didn't have enough time to watch it and take part in it 😢. And when people answered courtney, i also went "what the hell!" 22:00 i don't need that whole situation explained to me so don't worry about that. I'd rather not be reminded of what that horrible excuse of a person did to you


6th I came not the worst I guess 😂 congrats to the winner! Not going to say the name incase they haven’t watched the video 😊