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Laura Mcgrath

this was AMAZING.

maybe organise the kitchen next. it's great content and be great for you too.

great video love you xo

Christi Williams

Love this Louise! Impressive new washer and dryer!


Proper just laughed before this even started that the subtitles have you as saying ‘I’m Ruth pentland.’ 😂

Lizi Legge

As someone who also gets a lot of pleasure from doing laundry (it's just so satisfying), I LOVE this video. My aim in life (other than y'know, being happy and whatever) is to have a utility room as I want a laundry zone and my flat just doesn't work for that. I'd love to see more videos of things like kitchen storage and staples, favourite cleaning products, how you style your living spaces, favourite home accessories etc. xxx

Prinny Albertio

Why did I smell laundry detergent the whole video🤣

Renee Hartwig

Great tour. Looks so much better decluttered

Ven L

can anyone recommend any good cleaning products for wooden and glass surfaces please?

Gina Hill

What do colour catchers do? I’ve never used them.

Louise, I must admit that I sometimes feel the urge to rant in the comments about the amount of plastic you buy. Then I see how hard you try and how happy you make the girls when you buy them things. So I don't troll around in the comments because that is rude. Also, I must admit that I love the laundry segment despite the products that I personally don't approve of. I don't know if this came across as I intended it and I hope I did not hurt your feelings because I look up to you. You are… Read more »
Elspeth Graham

these videos are the best when I’m feeling anxious — one of these before bed is a dream, thank you 💗

Donna Nancekivell

I’m sitting watching this as I’m waiting for my towels to come out of the dryer........love the new appliances and all the nooks and crannies...have you seen the laundry egg ?????? I know it’s out In the UK...it is literally an egg shaped device, filled with washing product that you throw in the washer...it costs about 20 pounds and states that it does the laundry for one year...........through the that would be right up your alley.......Donna in Toronto

This Is A Reason

Of course the pesto is bought in bulk. I stand.

Star Perry

Great idea they more videos like this please x

Siobhán K.

Laundry room turned out so brilliant!!! Well done Louise!! As long as it works for your family and your everyday life than who cares if it is Instagram ready!!! I personally think it looks quite lovey. Sure you will enjoy it loads every time you put a wash on. x

Taylor Abel

I’m in love with the cute little washer machine trio tins!! soooooo adorable!!!!

Julie Laightwood

Loved this! Louise have you ever thought of trying an ecoegg since you’re trying to be more eco friendly? 🌍🌿😊

Lynn Wales

I get excited about Louise "ads". They're always helpful! And I enjoy them 🙂

Anna Kőszegi

Kinda gonna miss the musical washing machine 🤷🏻‍♀️

No Beauty Guru

I did a big pantry makeover with a ton of storage and it didn't last. Other people don't put things away the same as I do. But occasionally I just redo it again before it gets out of control and it's satisfying. So even if you don't keep it perfect, just do regular clean-ups. A year is quite ambitious! 😁


Yaaas, oh the satisfaction! As I sit on my sofa with my 6 week old baby and the mess around, this is just what I needed x

Charlotte Wenban

Today I went around a supermarket sniffing unstoppables because of the bloody laundry segment, you've turned me into a madwoman!!

Kelley-Jay Marsden

Yeahh Laundry time. Laundry time. 🎤 I loved this video!!

Shurry Ma

Why do you need a sink in the laundry room?

Holly Hackston

Captions on this say that your name is Ruth ... cmon YouTube ...

Katie Anne Kelly

Please don’t leave the washing machine tablets under the sink with Pearl around — move them to a higher shelf so that it’s out of reach of small hands — just passing on information that I learned from my first aid course

Isabel Santos

Love your Taurus necklace where did you buy it? 🙂

Natasha McGregor

You need to do a check in every week like with Chloe and making the bed


Absolutely loved this video! So relaxing and eye pleasing to watch. Also hard to beat anything related to the laundry segment.

Charlotte Wenban

Hi Louise, thank you so much I am about to move into a very small first home and this shoe on the back of the door situ has saved sooo much space. Thanks! xx

Charlotte Pearcey

LOVE THIS 💖 ...certainly some amazing ideas. Please can you do a toy storage solution ideas xxx

Chelsea Jenner

The big Landry pot you have I have the same at home

Kym Coote

I would move the food to the cupboard and move all Liam tools and stuff to the big cupboard just a thought 💕❤️😊🇦🇺

It's Truly Rosie

YES. YES YES YES to everything in and about this video. That is all. Thank you! ❤️