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The door moves that fast the camera can't catch it perfectly


Wow, seeing the spin around the washer room viewing it in all its glory FAB !!, love my 2001 Maytag Asko`s still working well !!, great video Brandon as per ...

The quality went down since the production is in Slovenia. The new series of Asko make more noise. So far in Holland the new Asko machines are sold with a Spin speed of 1600 rpm (logic series). In Iran the new style series have a spin speed 1800 rpm. They became a bit cheaper. I'm wondering what that will do to the quality of these new machines.......6903 I have one too in stainless steel. The motor was replaced for a 1800 rpm. So no 2000 rpm anymore, for the rest it is still doing its job as always.My advice if… Read more »
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There are rebranded washing machines