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Lima Sisters

Hey girl new viewer here 👋
I love how it turned out!!
I need to pick me up one of those basket so compact I love it . Perfect for small spaces!!
-Lima sisters 👯 💕


It’s so funny how YouTube sent you to me as a suggestion and I was just saying I need to get my laundry room together. I have to get me some cabinets in my laundry room. I just started posting clean with me videos and love it. You have a new subbie here

Lasherrial N

I need to do this but I’m trying to hold out until we remodel. Everything came out great as usual💜

Lori Voss

I am only 5'3" so I feel you, the struggle is real with those upper cabinets!! The room turned out so nice, I loved that over the door utility basket!! You have a great sense of style.

My Menagerie S

Well done. Turned out nice.  Can't beat Ikea and The Container Store.

Nia Nicole

I really love what you did for your laundry room! I have a small laundry room as well so this video really motivated me to get mine in order too.

Reneasha McElhaney

New subscriber here! Love your organization videos 😊

This Life Of Mine

ahhh! Yes, I love it!! I'm going to get those bins for sure! My next super Big house clean with me I'm going to be organizing literally everything!!! I love all of this!! Your bun sis!!!!!!!! You Cute!!

A Mommy In Time
Ugh I have a tiny laundry room too but unfortunately mine doesn’t even have any cabinetry!! Just a wire rack and a hanging rod !Where do you store and sort laundry ? It makes no sense 🤦🏽‍♀️I’m even thinking about getting someone to come out and tell me if they can convert my hookups or move them so that we can stack the washer and dryer ! And we just bought the house so all the lights still dark and the previous owners thought it would be an awesome idea to paint the place in a fresh new coat of… Read more »
Aussie Cleaning Mamma

Love it babe 😘 Showing some ❤❤❤ to a fellow youtuber! Keep up the good work babe!

Sincerely, Desiree

You did such a great job! 😍 It looks so good! Great video! 🤗