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neil bolton

Wow!! And vintage Persil too!! I’d love to visit your house!!! It must be like Aladdin’s cave lol

Robbie Crosbie

You can just imagine back in the day getting one of these delivered. Net curtains would be twitching on windows whilst it was being carried out of the van and comments like... Er in number whatever as just ad a new oova washer delivered. Posh back in the day when most people could just afford a twinnie. Great machine Mike and surprisingly quieter than I thought on the spin cycle

Camille Gomez

WooHoo! I love it when I open my inbox and see a new video from you guys!👍❤❤❤

Ian Thompson

Been watching your vids for years Mike absolutely love them my nan had a Hoover matchbox with the stainless steel drum and it lasted for about 30 years I well remember it from being small till I was a teenager used to watch it for hours love Hoover machines my mum had a Hoover electron 800 for years also that was my childhood washer it used to whine away in the kitchen oh memories great video thanks 😊

Andrew Atkinson
What a magnificent machine Mike! I distinctly remember two different family friends having these machines, one memory was Mums friend loading a yellow nappy bucket full of stinking nappies into the machine and hoping we would stay long enough to watch the machine in action, to my delight I got to see the whole cycle , it must have been the very hot wash as I remember the the steaming hot water empty into the sink, it was a very small kitchen which made this wide machine look massive! The babies nappies it was washing is four years younger than… Read more »
lee harvey

Wonderful machine Mike! I had the last keymatic to be made, think it was A3112 (1100rpm spin) but can't remember the model number that well as it was 1982. I had it for 10 years before the tub started leaking. Wish we could buy keymatics now instead of the trash Hoover now sell. I remember in the the domestic science room at secondary school in 1975 having the Hoover automatic deluxe with black enamel drum. I have always wondered why it had a enamel drum and not stainless steel?


this disks was stupidity of century ! but eventually this thing led to machines we have today


Smashing video as usual Mike :). It's safe to say, being from 1966 and yet is more stable and quieter than the Hoover-Candy's of today. Btw, how does that 60s Persil smell? I've got an unopened box at home, but was considering another box to use in the A3060 :).

HooverLux Restorations & More

Absolutely loved it and watched every minute. I love the full cycle videos 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

The Laundry Lab

Beautifully restored 👏🏻👏🏻

Ive Made A Video

Wow I remember these vaguely but mine was blue-ish with a door lid. Would it be possible please to do a full unedited cycle in that keymatic olease?

Mitch thetrashman1

built properly. no short cuts, proper wash cycle. realistic rinsing. loads of water, and tumble while draining. saves the suds from sitting on top of the washing/door seal . Hoover always had the best rinse right until candy took over (apart from the eco wave. oh dear oh dear ) . great video. lots of memories.

Washerlad 2014

Blimey it still looks and sounds as it did when it came out the factory!! Funnily enough this machine came out the year my dad was born (1966). Thank you for filming another great piece of Hoover Washing machine history!! And last weekend i saw the wonderful Keymatic 3224 at The Laundry Centre's aka Chris's place!! Hoover made the best ever machines before Candy took over!!