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Leif Nevener

These things are pieces of crap. I feel sorry for people who bought them

Debra Brixey
I have a Samsung 2007 front load washer (model WF317AAS/XAA Date of manufacture 2007) which is having balancing issues. Heavy loads like towels do not spin dry. A Samsung repairman working at my neighbor's house suggested I replace the dampers. I ordered two new dampers but have not received them yet. I have been viewing other Samsung washer owner's experience and fear the problem may be the spider ring failing due to corrosion. My question...have others replaced the spider ring, bearings and dampers and been satisfied with the result? The parts for this will total around $200 versus a new… Read more »
Ahmed Farouk

Good work I think some of the haters on the screws would be better to undo them without losing them