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Rex/miele/siemens 60

Potresti anche parlare. Cosa lavavi?


My grandparents have an indesit IWUE4105 with a large display, but the panel and main PCB stands from the IWUB4105 there is only a temperature selection knob with EcoTime function Removing Stains and Reducing spin speed from 1000 to 500. Before that was IWD5085 with a small display with 2 knobs and when, during the rinse added so much water

Massimo De Bartolomeo

Hum è stato scambiato il cassetto detersivi di un'altra Indesit mi sa
I programmi stampigliati sul cassetto non sono quelli reali della lavatrice


That Is not the correct draw to that machine. This machine does not have 20c cycles. The cyels are
1. Cotton 90c
2. Cotton 60c
3. Cotton 40c
4. Cotton 30c
5. synthetics 50c
7. Silk/ curtains
8. Jean's
9. Express 20
10. Flash cotton
11.sport intensive
12. Sport light
13. Special shoes

Toji George

2:44 is that the start of "Star Wars" i hear?? I never knew you were a Star Wars fan. Which Episode were you watching? I'm a fan of Star Wars as well so i'm very pleased 😁😁