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Craig Morrison

The "new improved" persil bio and colour liquid gets suds like that on a hot wash. The hotter it gets the more suds it gets. Last time i washed my whites on a 95c i went into the kitchen to many bubbles spilling out of the drawer as i dont put softner in them or towels so they always get sudsy

Washerfan 53

Are you gonna bring Aussi detergents to UK?

Samsung boy 2008

Mile says don't abuse me my door hurts (maybe I do that to my Samsung but she doesn't care)

Washer Guy 2002

Are u giving the ariston back or is it going to uk?

Kuba Andrzejewski

Please don't slam the door on this Miele washing machine please ☹

Samsung boy 2008

When i saw last wash in Australia I was like hello darkness my old friend

Reece isaaks

Amazing upload as always 10 out of 10 keep up the amazing work

Mark Holland

U moving back to blighty thought u would like to stay down under

Toji George

Well, I never thought the time would come for ANOTHER final wash in Millie! Soon she will face the terrors of London hard water again 😂😂😂😂. Great video as always Brandon

Washerlad 2014

soon enough Millie is going to experience the famous "London Limescale" again soon! XD