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Oh boy, I’ve literally been obsessed with Soft Cell recently, I’m hoping to get their Non Stop Erotic Cabaret album on vinyl soon! I had discovered a weird inappropriate track on there called Sex Dwarf, sounds completely horrible to me! The video is terrible as well!
Lol I’m used to it though!
Nice to see Millie again on your channel! I describe her as a entertaining machine!

Great video! Once again i have noticed one thing. When you find out, you have too many towels, you have take out one of the whites and two of the darks. I would like to take out all of a white towels, or all of a dark blue but never one white and one colour. Try to buy a colour catchers. Just a normal one for every load, not the intensive white one, and try to put one of then whit this mixed load of towels. Every time i put a load of towels on cottons 90, i am surprised,… Read more »
Toji George

Unbelievable, i can barely handel 25'c let alone bloody 42'c!!! Great vid as always Brandon. Just out of curiosity, why was that Hoover electra scrapped?

Thomas Webster

You always produce the goods for me best washer channel yet


Jeez 41'c i can barely survive 28'c LOL