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FlorenceBallardA3060 someone should teach you haw to pronounced names in Serbo-Croatian... way you say Gorenje make you sound like a Indian from cowboy western movies LOL I did not observe you have problem with pronounced other non British machines ...per example I notice you pronounced all ''wops'' washing machines in correct way

Denis Cats and Dogs loves challenge Petrović

I have gorenje wa543 and she have not 1000 rpm she have 550rpm. And have not so great sound.


I have a soft spot for this machine! I hope to see more vids of it ☺

Nicky Minaj

plsssssss can you do a wash race between Merloni Eurotech MA60 whith a mini load and this washer? Merloni is one of my fav washers :C

Chris King

My mum had one of these after the 9530 but it was badged as a belling I’ll have to find a photo now! It was awful but I liked it haha. It didn’t have any rubber on the feet so when it ramped up to 500rpm it wobbled all over the wooden floor we couldn’t keep it under the worktop! Then after 12 months the spider snapped so it went to the scrap collectors unfortunately

Mark Holland

Another great load of videos Brandon hope u soon get the hoover up and running again

Washerlad 2014

never seen you upload this consistantly brandon!

HotpointHooverServis Washers, Reviews and more

Good Job they didn't name it the Enviro 200 otherwise they would have named it after a shit bus and probably get a lawsuit from ADL (Alexander-Dennis)

Sharon Hopton

In 1981/82, there was an electronic washing machine either by hotpoint or hoover (can’t remember) It had a panel at the front sloping back with a load of switches. Do you know which one I mean? If you have a video or pic of it I would be grateful. Nearly bought one but didn’t in the end as it was around £400. Thanks.

Thomas Webster

This does not care when it comes to the spins like my Hotpoint lol.😁😁😁