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Phil Daoust

Great video! You could have actually pointed out the capacitor to help further. Glad it worked, now I'll need to see if that's what's wrong with mine.

Dexter Ray

I’m having the same problem. Fortunately I have an identical machine I us for parts I picked it up from a used repair shop. They didn’t know what they had. I got the working barely used machine for $25.00 And smiled all the way out the front door. My older machine I plan to checkout the capacitors and repair

Magnolia Tom

Thanks for posting this. I have the same issue and I’ll be trying your repair. I think I may have 2 bad capacitors. The bulging you are talking about is the top, correct? Kinda like a dome?


I am having this same problem right now. Mine will flash all the lights like crazy. It might start doing it in the middle of a cycle and it will run for hours. Driving me crazy. I really don't wnnt to have to pull it out to fix it but I guess I am going to have too. I am going to get a used mother board I think on Ebay.

Don Jackman
Can you point out for me which capacitor you are referring to. could you put your finger on it? I have already bought this mother board once and it worked for a short while and I am told I have to buy another one as all my lights are flashing. I called the company and asked if there was a recall and there wasn't. I am in a park where we have researched this a little and found that over 60% of the people here either have replaced a board or two and some people have removed the units and… Read more »