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The Laundry Centre

At this point it’s ¼ of the way through and I’m not sure what’s going on yet but I hope everything’s ok for you and your mum, if you ever need anything message me


Nice Brandon!! Oh Courtney blocked me on insta a while back lmao


15:32 LMAO i literally did just jump out of my seat... I was expecting you to say you were flying back in 3 months or something lol

Washing Machine Guy

You're a brave man Brandon. It was such a big move for you. And as a person who also has Aspergers, I understand how though these past few months have been for you with all this change. It's a scary thing. I think you've done amazingly and have coped with it very well. But obviously you belong here in England. Think about Australia as an adventure. We've all got your back with you coming back here. And think that when you come back I'm just gonna be 30+miles away from you if you ever wanna talk

Washerlad 2014
my god Brandon! this was a very moving video for me personally. I did know you were coming back to the UK this month but ONLY for a holiday, never did i know you were going back permenantly this month!! so i take it you've cancelled your working visa? anyway i look forward to participating in your little fun game! and when you said "emotional" i got a bit sad because i first thought you might be staying in Australia permenantly but nope im actually emotional with happiness!! i look forward to seeing you back in the uk and even… Read more »
Ben The Boss Jackson

hi Buddy its (The Boss) im on this account now! — your coming home buddy! i had a feeling you was!!! — its very different over there, but i admire you for taking the leap, this isnt easy for you buddy! proud of you for being honest, youle be welcomed home buddy!

Awesome next week !!! 😀 😀 😀

Brandon, after watching this video I do not know what to say but I am very happy you've decided to come back! It wasn't easy getting used to time when you're active in a different country but I'm happy I've gotten used to it! I have to say I have missed you living in the UK, it was like I'd never see you again until now in this video, I am just very proud of you to settle in a country you're not used to, I would'n't be able to settle in if I ever moved to a different country… Read more »

I would love to see you again pal and maybe someday we could do the national rail and london travel video like we had planed in summer

Paul Knight

Brandon I'm so sorry to hear things haven't worked out in Australia for you, home is always home as they say so I wish you all the best on your return to London. I'm sad to hear no more BHF but I understand you have to focus on work. My mum sadly lost her battle with lung cancer in 2006 and I still miss her daily. I will look forward to the last of the Australian vlogs, trains, buses, etc . Best of luck to you 🙂

Derek Blaney

Due to ill health I've not been on so just catching up!! I have to say I'm soo glad your going back to the old intro I preferred that 1 to the 1 you're using just now! That's a shame your leaving Australia but I seen on Instagram that your on route back to the UK!! Safe trip and we'll see you when your back in the uk! ❤️😘 Xx

Racer JA

It's been so emotional for you Brandon I understand you have been struggling out there since September last year and for people like me and you who have autism it's a different environment to get used to.


Great to hear you'll be back home on British soil, Safe journey!

Chris King

I’m happy for you! At least you have experienced what life is like away from the uk good luck with the move and hopefully see you back in the uk soon machines too. I will hopefully meet you one day Chris invited me when he’s finished renovating his place so I’m sure I’ll bump into you at some point see you soon any way all the best!

Toji George
Wow Brandon, WOW!! I'm only 16 minutes into the video and i'm already in utter shock!! I'm so sorry that things haven't gone well for you in Australia, but i'm really happy that you're returning to the UK and I'm gonna be so happy to be one of MANY people to welcome you back buddy 😁. I understand that these past few months have been really hard for you and i really hope that you, your mum and your dad will find the UK more prosperous than Australia. I will miss your meet ups with Matt and Eliot though 😭😭,… Read more »
Hotpoint 9534

Omg! I was no way expecting to say one week! I mean I saw them boxes at the side and thought hummmmmm I think I my know what his gunna say and I was right! I think it’s good that u gave it a go in Australia but if u feel London is where u belong then come on back! Will look forward to watching your future videos! 🙂

Brandon I don’t know where to start! I’m so excited too see you back! I couldn’t see that you wasn’t getting on well in Australia and you wanted to come back! I can’t tell you so excited I am to see you back man plus I understand how it must feel not to get used to moving, but I am now sorry that things did not go to plan and I hope you are ok if you ever need to talk I’m always here for you man! And when you get back and settled you can come to mine in… Read more »
Ignas V.

ha! !! like i was thinking you coming back to the UK.

Met Product33061

Maybe your house will have room for all of your washers


Hey at least you missed winter — instead you come back and bring the sunshine (hopefully!!) 🙂
Brandon I’m delighted to hear the news... you do whatever is best for you (and your mum).
I look forward to your further videos — I also want to make it my ultimate aim to visit you in some vintage Launderette’s!! (Much better here than Aus-lol)!
Speak soon 👍


Wow...was not expecting that but it's obvious you belong in good ol' blighty so again good luck and I wish you all the best.

Callum Dunnachie

Glad your coming home to the UK looking forward to more videos of the 9530 ive missed it as its my favourite machine of yours purely because it brings back memories of my gran and papa who are not here anymore that was the first machine i remember them having as a kid up until secondary school