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washing machine

Must be hard for you for a really quick change


I’ve been waiting for this 😂😂😂😂


I like the little music video at the beginning, I never Huey Lewis sang that! 😉

Washerlad 2014

Just about to watch this Brandon and im so happy just knowing your finally back in the UK!! shame Australia didnt go quite according to plan for you but hey, there were a few ups and downs while you were there. Im so looking forward to having some great laughs with you in the future and even meeting you! And thanks for always being a one of a kind friend to me, glad to have a brother like friendship with you!!

Racer JA

Welcome back Brandon I know I'm looking forward to more videos of you back here in the UK it would be great for me to meet you in person some when in the near future

Met Product33061

A new iPhone I have an iPhone SE in space gray 16 GB lock button is broken

Graham virgin Express

Welcome back home. I can't wait to see washing machine


Yay!! My buddy is back! Princess and I are super happy you’re back. :))

Trey Wakeling

Welcome back too lovely English aha been following your vlogs for a while, would be nice to have a chat don’t really have many washer friends lol

Pudgie Bear

Glad you're back home! I know you're really happy to be back on your stomping grounds! 😀

Paul Knight

" As long as I gaze on Waterloo Sunset I am in paradise " (The Kinks, 1967) Nice to have you back Brandon. Really enjoyed this vlog, thanks for uploading 🙂


Great vlog! Small world — The 295 was my bus to work for years!!!!

Philipp Bretzler

There are much places which are beautiful or okay. But only one place which you love with all of your senses and the bottom of your heart. In Germany we call that Heimat.

Chris King

Glad your back home safe! Just seen your friend Kai’s channel last night nice machines! Only thing old I have now is a WM23 spin slider 😂 I really need to upload another video actually!

rock star

My nan recently bought a hotpoint fml942 it sounds like a wt960

Toji George

Just started watching this Brandon. I'm really looking forward to this, though i hope it won't be emotional like the move vlog. I'm glad you had a safe flight back and i'm looking forward to seeing more vids in the future😁😁😁😁. I also love night flights as well, very relaxing. But the main reason why i love night flying is the view of the city when decending, so beautiful!!! However, i find that the in flight meals are disgusting so i avoid it all through the flight until we eventually land 😂😂😂😂😂

Валери Владимиров

Welcome Brandon! Welcome in the real world! 🙂


So are you back for good? Why were you there for 6 months?

HotpointHooverServis Washers, Reviews and more

Sorry it didn't quite go to plan in oz but at least your back in Britain

Met Product33061

Which one was it
Hotpoint cassata
Hoover A3060
Hotpoint 9530
Miele prestige plus


I'm late lol. Welcome back to the UK 🙂