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Jason Herron

I wanna put my head under that thing ,, bet you the machine break, I gotta big head😂😂

xxx xxx xxx xxx girl

Supper 💋💋💋

أيمن ابو المجد

يلعن ابوك وابو هل كزب

Mark Mathews

Now the Gassette can...that was Cool...stood up like a Man Can!
Would to of seen it after it was flattened...
Great video!
Keep on smashing things!!

Victor Aguilar

Powerfull machines, little and stupid brains...

Fluke Whisperer

big fucking deal, race bearings can be broken with a hammer and chisel, many have done it taking them off axles from cars and trucks.

Jason Herron

Just imagining that flying out of there and striking yo face,,


This is not porn, just show us what it is once, then put it in. If breaks, crush what's left.


Sound effects during the slo-mo, I like it.

AlamPana #Loundpana

🤨Try to destroy ur Dick in it...will you...??🤪🤓🤣

Ermanno Gilardi

Ma perché prima di mettere sotto sta cavolo di pressa gli oggetti ce li fanno rimirare da ogni angolo ?

rohit chd

🖕 Asshole channel... U can't show evrything...

ololo 228

долбоебы, такой подшипник и слесарными тисками легко можно раздавить

elsuave genovez

Qué mierda antes de aplastar el producto lo muestra un vergo de veces y para el colmo termina repitiendo los vergo al de veces que aburrido


Acho massa esses videos de prensa hidraulica, mais esse aqui ta muito repetitivo cara, deixa o vídeo muito chato, dá pra melhorar isso aí, brother, mais msm assim ta massa

Андрей Шумилов

Трындец, как интересно. Вот осколком убьет кого-нибудь, думаю на этом глупые эксперименты закончатся.


tbm coloca as coisa na posição mais fragil coloca deitado. pra nao voa asiim jente aff

Ricky Dockins

Dumbass we no what the parts are quit showing them off

Suede Ball

Ya it’s a can , ya don’t have to spin it around & show every angle, just crush it already

Junior Mtz

Está muy bueno el vídeo...pero lo repiten mucho

mike durell

Spend all that money on a hydraulic press and then can';t find anything useful to do with it.