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Jamesyboy Experiment - Travel Channel

Great vid guys — we love your enthusiasm for RV living and all the effort you put in to maintaining and future proofing the vehicle 👍👍🙂

Tim Rover

Great update Chuck and Cheryl, I've been lazy I have an appt. on Monday to winterize TIMROVER.........I hate winter is coming...uggghhh.

RV Habit

The day I winterize the RV is always so sad. A great trick to turn around the screen to push the pressure pin in. I would have never thought of that.

Carl May

Great time to do the video since I'm doing my Jayco Greyhawk 26Y tomorrow. Thanks for the tip of turning the screen around because last year it took awhile to prime the pump. In order to lessen the amount of antifreeze used I think someone made a disk to put inside the top of the filter canister to keep it from filling with antifreeze, but not sure where I saw it. Have you seen anything like that?

Jean Decker

Great tutorial. Maybe when your back on the road you can show how to unwinterize. Thanks for sharing.

Richard Betzwieser

Didn't know about the anti-siphon valve trick. Awesome! Too late this year, I'll try it next year.

Roy Davis

I haven't winterized in years because we park ours in a heated building. We had one RV that you had a winterizing connection where you put a hose in the antifreeze, flipped one switch, turned on the pump, and it drew the antifreeze through the lines.

Troy Brackett

Get video. Appreciate the intake valve tip. Had the same issue this season and can’t wait to try this next year.!

Get Gone with US
To winterize your macerator instructions say to: 1.Empty the black water tank. 2. Pour RV antifreeze into the empty black water tank. 3. Run the pump until the antifreeze begins to discharge. 4. Turn the pump switch to the Off position We just make sure the black and gray tanks are empty by pulling all the valves, including the macerator bypass valve and leaving everything open. We also drain the macerator hose. After we close all the valves, we winterize all the plumbing lines with antifreeze and over fill the traps, so anti freeze gets into the tanks. Once everything… Read more »
John C RV

Good information, I'm glad we do not have to do this but this is very good instructions that will help many. Have a great weekend guys and stay warm. 👍

Next Exit
Great Video and perfect timing as Old Man Winter seems to be waking up. I am always impressed with the thoroughness of your "How To" videos, this is our second winter of not having to winterize but we have had to do it many times in years past. I occasionally have forgetten different areas though. Our previous RV had a dish washer and I totally forgot to do it, until someone was talking about a cloths washing machine and it dawned on me about our dish washer. I thought I was going to be in trouble, but I went ahead… Read more »
Ernest Feltman

How much did you use? Not counting washer Dryer.

Great how-to! I have always used the compressed air method on my 2015 Jayco Precept 29UM with good success too. Handy tip with with fresh water valve...I have used the country fill mode with difficulty before learning this tip. Note on the ice maker: That small clear plastic water line can rupture. Mine ruptured a few months ago, partially filling the lower vent resulting in a water leak under my fridge and sofa. Luckily, I caught it pretty quickly and no damage was done. I hardly ever use it and that was just another reason not to use it at… Read more »
Bill Spratt
Nice job covering most of the steps. I’ve enjoyed your “ what’s in the area” portion of your videos. I did see one other tip on another vlog... that you (or at least I) forgot to do... getting antifreeze into your black tank flush plumbing!!! The tip they used was using an adapter from their outside shower hose adapting it into the water hose fitting on the black tank flush... so when pumping the antifreeze into the outside shower ...using a connector to pump it into the black tank flush system.Unless that system is self draining...which I kinda doubt... may… Read more »
Rick Neves

One question about the macerator, do you run it until you see antifreeze to make sure it’s protected? I’m about to winterize for the first time, been fortunate enough to have a warm warehouse the last two winters, but no access now. This is very helpful.

RV Life with Ken and Jane

I love our Dani con. Just did a video on it. Nice 👍