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Kate Thomas

At 3:21:06 that burst was actually 250rpm not 150rpm because I've got an indesit IWC91482 that does the exact balancing sequence but what unbalanced spins though


The clothes would want to be extra clean with that wash time


My Hotpoint Smart 9kg model used to sound like this on spins. Very clicky and lots of tapping/banging sounds.


FOUR HOURS!??!??! And only TWO rinses!? That's ridiculous.

Toji George

Yeah i think you'll find that the new final spin pattern on the new machines isnt very good. At all. I'm talking from experience here with my Hotpoint extra washing machine. The older final spin sequence was so much better than this new pattern.

Ben The Boss Jackson

4 hours! thats crazy for a cycle time !!!! image a drying cycle with that :O :O