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Hotpoint Lover

That’s Detergent Here The Surf Coconut Bliss Bio Powder Is The One We Use In The Blomberg Greenplus Machine Which It Is Lovely Detergent But Better Then That I Thought It Was Going To Be But My Mum And I Use That Detergent In The Blomberg

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Those poor bears 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Toji George

You know what, when i move out and move to probably London, i'm going to look for this machine or Spencers aunts old Miele Distinction 3000 machine. I've been infected with your own "Miele virus" 😂😂

Mathew Jones

I knew I should have bought a Miele 😢. Hopefully my Candy won’t last forever!


Great to see her back in action! At least the mould isn’t live mould it’s just stained but that’s not harmful and should come of over time! 🙂

Reece isaaks

Awesome video what a beasty machine I love your vids so much the cassata is my favourite my Nan had a creda version pretty much similar to the one you filmed at British heart foundation I can’t wait to see what your new machine is I think it will be a hotpoint wma version or the wd640g you filmed or the ariston margarita keep your great work up buddy

Washer Guy 2005

Will Millie be getting a replacement door seal?

Стиральная машина вирпол или тест порошков
Стиральная машина вирпол или тест порошков


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Thank God Millie is ok i'll be getting one of these soon bloody brilliant machines