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Claire McDonald

New Subscriber!. Now making my way through all your videos. 🤩😍


Love watching these videos I binge watch them 😂💕

Allison Mccall

Thanks I was checking few hours before if you had a how to clean a washing machine!! :0)

Alev Alev

Where can I get that big bottle flash bathroom as I checked in savers and they only have the spary version

Abdul Shahid gaming

I was to wondering about this thanku Mrs hinch we love you dearly but I don't clean Mrs hinch even though I watch you I don't clean I don't cook I don't know why ? Is there any point when it just gets dirty again .

Joan Crossland

Wow thank you just checked mine and a clean now ❤

Tina Cape

I use bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar in every wash. Vinegar is a stain remover and fabric softener saves loads of money. Kind to clothes and washing machine. No stinky and clothes feel amazing.

Cat Cooke

We have the same machine as you but I can’t get the drawer out of mine, how do you do it?

torcan craobhach

The Grey thing is a rawl plug, used for supporting screws in walls or structures. Mr Hinch isn't a Builder/Decorator is he?

Amanda Power

Thank you (I think!) for the motivation to clean mine out today. Only had it a year and the drawer was gross! Just remembered I forgot the filter — back I go...

Nadisay M

Myyyy... I found this very helpful, I have not cleaned my machine like this b4. On the mission now. Thanks for sharing .

Jan W

If you use vinegar instead of fabric conditioner you won't need to do this and it will keep the machine timescale free too and it's better for your clothes.

You wouldn’t need to clean your machine half as much if you used powder instead of liquids. Liquid detergent is all the brown stinky slime you see in your machine after a while cause it turns to jelly and just goes off. It’s totally disgusting and every time you wash all the slimy stuff you can’t see goes in the water with your clothes. A good powder and a hot wash for bedding and towels will mean your machine won’t need a deep clean like this all the time. If you do not like powder because it clogs your drawer… Read more »
Sweet Pea
Oh dear to scared to clean my filter as its my grandas old washing machine before he got his new one. I'm sure when he had this one it was cleaned but its been in the garage for years and at some point the whole family has borrowed it to use when their's broke and I now own it as mine broke and I have had it a few years and didn't know there even was a filter as for the rest it's cleaned regularly so not too bad but oh my word the filter must be minging lol 😱😂