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Mastercraft KARIGAR

Most of your videos are misleading. You steps up voltage You didnt run on 3.5 v.

Gerardo Marin

Hi, can you share us what is the controller that you use on this?

Jesus Christ

bro what's the first songs name? i love it

Mr Electron

Hi guys. How are you all ? Any comments on the video please ?

Extreme Tester

How many watt that booster converter is

سليمان تك


paul innocent

HELP! sparks on the rings of my universal motor.
Hello please help me out, I have a universal Motor from a blender, but whenever I connects it directly to the wall there's a spark on the rings.
Please reply me on whatsapp "+2348112659304"

SJ Technology.

Superb idea sir. Do you see my channel sir.

Fabio Arevalo

very good demo i like it thank you Mr Electron


Huy que nota ese proyecto amigo me gusto mucho te felicito!!! recomendado al 100%