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Timur G

That final power drying cycle is wasteful, hence I always choose "no heat dry". Given a couple of hours, the dishes will dry anyway due to residual heat from the wash.


They should have told a little more about the drying agent bit. I was particularly interested about that. But i'll just Google it. A good page i found about it: http://dishwashers.reviewed.com/features/what-the-heck-is-rinse-aid-and-why-do-i-need-it


wow i though there was a lot more spraying going on inside in different directions. no wonder why dishwashers are crap

G Rodriguez

1980's called & want their dishwasher back


Thanks! I've always wandered what was going on in there.


Tip: If you have a manual knob dishwasher like this one, make the selection on the rotating knob before closing the door completely. Otherwise, the internal contacts of the knob will electrically arc as you spin it, prematurely wearing them out.
Learn from my mistake, and save yourself a couple hundred bucks on that repair.


how did they get the camera man in there?

nathan parrish

hello this old house my dish washer main cycle soap door wont latch i would like to know wont i can do to fix this please help thank you.

Milan Dičér

you have realy crappy dishwashers in us......


Most Seventh Generation has lye (sodium hydroxide) in it and that will corrode rubber and PVC. So over time your dishwasher will start leaking.

Google Mail

Maybe...but I believe you are wrong about the Flot, it is not to stop the water normally, it will stop the water only if it overflows, the dishwasher fill at first by time controled by the control panel program

Peppe Ddu

I'd buy a dishwasher with a built-in camera that I can watch with my smartphone.

Sirios Star

The water hook up in europe is cold water . The machine does all of the heating of the water.

T Burke

Why am I here...I don’t even own a dishwasher.

Game Changer

I have never seen a dishwasher with "hot water in" as stated at 0:32 Every single one i've ever installed have been COLD water in ONLY. The dishwasher has a water heater itself to heat the water for its wash cycles.

Love it or leave it

That is a very very old and outdated dishwasher! I hope no one thinks they're like that anymore! They don't have those little water tower things!

B / CS Elevators and More.

The pump in our dishwasher went out because the last time my mom washed dishes the water did not drain.

Michael Lim

Stop being lazy people. Do your dishes by hand. Its cleaner, less energy, and more satisfying. Plus it also saves time because you can do it quicker than the dishwasher can.


Do you believe it is necessary to affix a shield (say aluminum skin) to the underside of a wooden countertop to protect it from steam coming from door when opened after cleaning?


Your are wrong!!! Float doesn't trigger the water intake solenoid until water level is reached. GE dishwashers let flow water during 44 seconds before starting the washing cycle. Float is a security that triggers the solenoid ONLY if water level becomes too high.
I'm having problems right now because pressure is to low and 44 seconds of water is not enough to clean the dishes well...


the heating element is usually just used on the drying cycle. not to heat the water.

Jacob Plays

I have the same washing machine but it leaks like the time Richard put the wrong soap in one😂