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One thing I'd be interested to see you guys do is fill a washer dryer with petrol or some kind of extremely flammable substance and set it to a drying cycle and see if the high temperature would cause it to combust...because in the manuals they all state not to wash or dry anything contaminated in said flammable substances...you'd need to block the drain hose though as the drying cycle would pump it out.

Даниил Леденской

Пикольно было

MrLord Sith

I'm surprised it lasted that long! Nowadays Hotpoints break with the firrst brick that you've thrown in the Aquarius. Shows that quality has gotten worse with years.

Mike Flight

Ah, so that's why my Wife went nuts with me. I mean, I was only trying to wash a 2 stroke engine and some concrete blocks. Women! Huh.


I wish you could find a place away from houses and set one on fire.

Kuba Andrzejewski

Will you do another destruction video of this Hotpoint Aquarius WD440 washer dryer or is it now scrapped?

Даниил Леденской

Прикольно с люком !!!

Misfortune Kolekcjoner

Бля а чо со стиралкой случилось? Чего она перестала работать?

Tiny Cinnamon

my washing machine was sat next to me watching this...

it turned itself off