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Chaitanya Bhoomireddy

Thanks for posting this video. We had the same exact issue on our whirlpool...and it looked same when we opened the wash motor. We just cleaned it and put It back. The dishwasher is working well now...


The old bushing looks like Delrin or some other polymer like nylon or nylok . I thought you were going to use your lathe and machine another Delrin bushing . Cool that you found a bearing race the right size .
All the best to you and your loved ones . Thanks for your video Mark .


My Dishwasher is filling with water, it is hot, but the washer is not completing a cycle. It just runs for hours. Do you have any idea what that could be?

Travis Coomer

I never post comments on videos but I wanted to say thank you i used your video and links for the bearing and my dishwasher is now running like new! I hope yours is still working great also!

Guillaume Monette

Hi, thanks for that video. I'm currently in the process of doing the same thing you did. Thanks for that video and shame on you whirlpool for your bad engineering


Great vid. I'm having the plumbing redone in my house that I am now renting out, and was thinking of adding a dishwasher and a fridge hookup at the same time. I like to tinker but since I don't even live in the country anymore (and the renter doesn't care!) you have convinced me of my foolishness 🙂

(Though, maybe adding just a dishwasher hookup in case I ever move back isn't such a bad idea)

Alex Ibarra

Hey bro, thank you for this video. You saved me so much time and money. I didn’t have to replace my bushing but taking it apart and putting it back together somehow made it start working again.

Wyatt Reynolds

Thanks for the video. Have a dishwasher like this not going through the cleaning cycle. Before I order a new pump I'm going take it apart like you did and see whats going on. Was thinking maybe if the bearing is worn like yours was, I could cut a small
piece of aquarium tubing to fill in the worn hole in the bearing.

Thank you for the video! I just replaced the same crap circulation pump on our kitchenaid (also made by whirlpool) after 3 and a half years. I did buy the whole bottom plate with the switch-over motor since the price was actually less than just the pump (pretty ridiculous but whatever).I took the non-working pump apart and same issue but a lot less wear on the bearings, they don't seem oval.There is one section inside the barrel where the rotor lives that has some scuffing.There is also some wear between the top of the rotor cylinder and the bottom of… Read more »

Thank you for your video, it solved the problem with my dishwasher. the bearing was also worn out and the motor was working intermittently. Now, so far, it runs like new. it did save me a bundle. Thanks again.

Don G

The carbon bearing is available at schunk carbon technology it sucks though that they don't sell to public. Nice video btw imma try this method.


Why did you use a plastic bearing vs. a stainless steel sealed bearing?

Ryan Wolosek

Just to let you know the bushing by the impeller is easy to get off the impeller is threaded on the shaft I thought I was going to break mine until I twisted it and wala. I will be making new bushings out of oilite material I fixed it last year with belzona epoxy and drilled back out to 3/16 I didn’t do anything with the cap bushing at that time this time I am just making both new as well as a spare set

Mark Adams
Thanks for the vid. You saved me a service call. I have the exact same pump in my whirlpool, but my issue was different. I found the impeller almost entirely unscrewed off the armature. I think it might have been binding against the housing. Screwed it back on tight and fix the problem. I noticed the bushings were made of metal and showed no signs of ware. The washer was purchased in mid 16. So maybe the manufacture used this better bushing because of the issues. Thanks again, you got me pointed the right direction and got it running again.
David Chiang

Agreed. This is a terrible washer. Same problems. And a control panel issue. And peeling paint on the door where the exhaust comes out... and falling off spray arms... then melt onto heating element.

Amin Ammar

What agreat work ... many thanks
Excuse me can I send you ashort video on your Facebook page to tell me what is the probable component that causes an odd and up normal sound in my Whirlpool dishwasher!!!🌹

GMan Viking

Same problem, WP dishwasher just 2 years old

Jeremy Thompson

Thank you for posting this! My WP had the same failure after 2.5 years. I used J-B weld to fill in the gap and drilled out the centers, I'll see how long that holds up. Thanks for mentioning that tapping on the motor caused it start up, that helped me pinpoint that this was my problem.

michael was

thanks for not playing any annoying music

Jerry Trantow

I replaced the motor in my GU1500XTKS0 when the motor was locked up. Destructively pulled apart the motor and found the bearing on the other end was completely locked up. The rest of the motor looked in good shape. Terrible engineering to have a dishwasher bearing rust up.

Mahmoud Afaneh

Really solid video. Thanks for providing this info.

Jay Parsons
thanks you very much for the great idea and video to help me repair a dishwasher with a bad sump pump. A word of advice to others that i learned from my repair...don't assume your dishwasher uses the same size bearing just because it is a whirlpool and it looked identical to the pump in the video. If you do, you may have to reinstall dishwasher and wait for correct bearings to arrive. My dishwasher is a 3 year old Whirlpool WDT720PADM2, my pump had a 3/16" diameter shaft and a ½" bore, so i need the 6455K1 bearing from… Read more »
Jerome C
Big thanks for making this video! In my case the bottom bushing seemed mostly fine, but the top one was grinded to an oval and the wear on the inside of the motor tube was quite obvious.In terms of possible fixes, I'm considering designing and printing a replacement bushing using ABS plastic. It should tolerate the water and temperature, but I'm really not sure how it would hold up to the friction. If it works for a year or so before wearing out it might still be worth it since it's quite an easy/simple part to print. Any thoughts on… Read more »