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Crafty Little Maker

Just found this chanel, mate, it's brilliant. I'm lacking a workshop at the minute but this has made me want to get into some electronic projects in the spare room.


In the 3rd circuit, what is the part # for T2? The PDF you linked to just explains the theory of operation.

Hmmm, smart and attractive are always a bonus when watching informative technical videos! Looking forward to more good weather and more of your videos. I'm trying to slow down the router on my CNC machine so I can safely use a hole centering bit. The slowest speed the router spins is 12,000 RPM. The motor is a universal motor, and the router is a Makita RT0701C. The arduino circuit sounds like fun, but I think the 1st or 2nd circuits are all I need. Currently the router has some kind of closed loop microcontroller circuit embedded in epoxy, so under… Read more »
Mark Smith

Love this! Great video, principals well explained. I am very interested in the idea of using a DC treadmill motor. They are often rated at 1.5 — 2.5 Hp. Thanks!

James Peterson

You're not wrong about not getting it all on the first pass... having to pause and re-watch some of the circuit explanations, but I think I'm getting there... that washing motor thats been gathering dust is soon gona be running me thinks... thanks for the inspiration.

Rudolf Zaris

Wow, that was astonishing! Perfect work ! Please write me, why are you once in the tshirt and other time you wear sweater and big cap 🙂
Is there, where you are, the temperature changing so dramaticly ? Thanks.

Kol Root

отлично.наконец-то ардуино. по виду работает отлично. теперть вам надо научиться и показать нам как создавать печатные платы через термотрансферную бумагу на стеклотекстолите. спасибо очень здорово получилось. ну и песенка опять крутая,,😙😀

Nicco Deamus

Deep respect. Certainly more than I bargained for and will have to watch a few more times. I bought a triac kit from FleaBay to run my motor and it blew up. Defo needs more study

Dan Harold

I’d like to see more about the sand muller

Friends! Thanks so much for watching! I found this a tricky subject to do a video on, and really hard to know what experience and knowledge to assume. It took me a long time to get to grips with a lot of this stuff — and I still have lots to learn. I don't expect it will make complete sense on the first go, straight through — but if you pause the video to study the diagrams, hopefully it will become clear — any questions, just ask! I made a quick link reference to the circuit diagrams in the description, which may be… Read more »