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This video compares the Eastman 41066 Stainless steel Washing Machine Hose with 90-Degree Elbow: Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/17VJKrF  with the Abbott Rubber X1109RB-6FF-TP 6-Feet Rubber Washing Machine Hoses:  http://amzn.to/18jhPmA

Skwisgaar Skwigelf

that was very helpful, plus you're a delight to listen to (:

Mark Scott

The selling point is the over 1000 psi burst strength., almost all households have about 40-80 psi water lines. Bursting strength is a useless measurement, hose almost always burst where the fitting inside cuts into the inner hose. This cuts into the inner rubber lining and the water goes into the lining and will burst somewhere on the hose, the water can travel between the linings and burst anywhere. The braided nylon ones from Whirlpool are superior to stainless and the Floodchek are amazing and will never burst.

Sparky Channel

This video is part of a 60 video playlist by Sparky Channel called "Plumbing": https://goo.gl/BMqVer . Thank you for watching!

David W

You just "cost" me an extra $10 in my Amazon cart...but they will look nicer. LOL! Thanks for the video pointing out the "obvious" and not as obvious so I didn't try and to be cheap and flood my home.

Reece G

Hi bill, good video I am an appliance repair technician so run into all different types of hoses. i find the threaded end of those particular rubber hoses to be quite soft and easily cross threaded. i prefer a a braided hose for sure.


This video reminded me that my washing machine hoses were old and corroded, and I figured it was time for some preventative maintenance.  I ordered the Eastman set.  Like you said, the "lifetime guarantee" is for the lifetime of the washer. What I thought was going to be a simple switchout ended up being a small project. My old rubber hot water hose was so corroded I had to cut it off with a Dremel. All is good now, and hopefully these will last many years. Thanks for posting, Bill.  Keep the videos coming! 


ya get what ya pay for.  I enjoyed the video, thanks!


Great video Bill ! I will recommend this product.