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Everything else heavy spanish accent* THIS IS PRETTY COOL

Swamp Games

I can’t wait to see what major components breakdown on the LG washer/dryer, like the compressor broke on most LG refrigerators. Then, of course, you have LG’s customer service, that left all those owners of their refrigerators high and dry. Why on earth would anyone buy an LG product?

Stephan Ritz

I like that guy! He's really nice. No homo. For some reason i like these commercials.

HonorBound Fate

I just started up YouTube and this video immediately started playing, I clicked nothing and my recommendations didn't contain the video...
I'm scared.

FlashFronk Prepping

I don’t trust people who are half committed to their facial hair!

WhitePearl Underground

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂...
shut up your mouth moron US! 🤐

Youra Ninee

Stay away from LG products...very low reliability and service is non existent!

George Mccown

Don’t be a sucker, buy a Speed Queen.

Scott M

Thanks for selling me on the set but I got it from Amazon