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Dennis Mah

Whats the easiest way to to get the washer and dryer on the 15 inch pedestal

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Cheaper than buying the lg ones but im going to do drawers too


not to be a troll, but i see that the guard of the miter saw doesn't cover the blade completely. take it from someone that has had small injuries with spinning blades, you might want to repair that. besides that, i just finished our washer stand last night and mine didn't look as good as yours. thumbs up! (ours is a temporary solution as we will be moving later this year.

Carl KrewLer

looking for ideas to do something like this, Love it, thanks for sharing your idea.

Eric Mitchell

From start to finish, how long did this take you?

Jonathan Perez

What's the height from floor to the top of the pedestal? I'm looking to build a more basic one but not sure of how tall


I would like to know how you lifted the machines up to get the pedestal under. I think my newer front load washer has a cement slab in it; extremely heavy.

Chris Z

Excellent video. Just subscribed and am going to check out your blog.

Question: I have the exact same washer dryer...any chance you have complete measurements sketched up? No need to reinvent perfect 😉

Dave Martin

at 2:19 ... did you actually just say that you "used a drill for driving nails into wood" ??!?!

Derrick Stinoski

Great job. How’d u make that jig🤔


how's the vibration throughiut the house/floor? my only concern is that over time the machines will shake the crap out of the pedestals and the vibration will get worse over time

wayne harrison

Great Work ! The trim really set it off nicely.

Jomak Mäkelä

What are the dimensions LxWxH? AND What is the interior height of the opening?

Jomak Mäkelä

Do you recall the dimensions of plywood cutouts for 4×4 blocks you added the qtr round too?

Jason Fabrizio Vidal

get an impact wrench to drive nails into wood...
fuckin dumbass