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Bruce Solomon
People thought that it was odd but my mother always had a monthly maintenance regimen for our machines. Every month fill the washer about a quarter way with hot water, pause it, add a cup of bleach and scrub down the tub, agitator, balancing ring around the tour of the tub, bleach dispenser inside and around the lid etc, fill it the rest of the way and run an empty cycle with an extra rinse. I’ve always followed the routine myself and people would ask why I’d wash a washing machine. Since front loaders started to become more widely available… Read more »

Hi dorien am i able to pop up for a bit today please


Citric acid works well, Shifts all the buildup, Descales and leaves the machine smelling nice, You can buy it from Amazon, It's also good for the dishwasher

Xx DarkKnight2004 xX

Did u know that dishwasher tablets are good at cleaning your washing machine

robin saunders

Zofora and a dishwasher tab work very well on a 60c wash empty

vacuum chum

I personally don't like washing machine cleaners, I still just use soda crystals and vinegar in my washing machine. But for my dishwasher I use salt and vinegar.😀

Washerfan 53

Are you sure that you were supposed to put the whole thing? 😂😂

washing boy

Im like LG tub clean cycle and nice video

Toji George

Ahh i was waiting for this!! I'm only at the start but were you meant to pour the whole bottle into there????!!! Can't wait to see what happens 😂😂😉