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For curiosity reasons, if you have a GoPro, put it in there for the cycle, and upload it!

Ashton Carlson

I could hear that wine IT DROVE ME NUTS


+Aaron McWhirter: Thanks a lot! I'm thinking of putting one my kitchen in the future.

jason rothfeld

I got the 30 inch. $5000 fucking dollars for the set and the mini washer. But they honestly can wash 2 weeks worth of clothes at a time.

Daniele ferrero

Honest review, I like it. Yes the machines are not the best quality. Strong is there marketing. Today you can find better machines with better quality. I have LG to.

musicnerd 72

Good God... this is just laundry... why the hell do we need apps, wi-fi, etc. to wash and dry our clothes???? I love my Speed Queens...

Hays Coleman

14:06 that isnt a moisture sensor its a steam nozzle that regularly sprays the load with steam on steam cycle


Has the app become any more stable since your review?

Norma Carranza

Hey can u tell me what is the app u are using ?


I just order this washer and dryer but now I'm thinking about canceling my order .😕

Mr Scowl Face

I hear you man literally. I have the same hearing as you. I watch a few LG laundry videos from the top load waveforce to the front load twin laundry pair and I hear that same noise that comes from the motor. I'm guessing that the noise comes from the power transferring from the stator to the roter. anyways great video

Davey Jones

LG rubbish don't buy it cheap made and won't last


That sucks! You can't watch the sidekick work? You should be able to watch it work during the wash and rinses and pushed in for the spin cycles. Dude you've got super hearing! I couldn't hear anything. Lol!


I like the idea of the sidekick, but the price is heart stopping. 700 dollars is almost the price of a whole washer.



Lisa Farneman

I like that I can see you in the dryer turn knob when you're explaining. And nice wife conning


change the dry temp to high
that will make it dryer


LG lists the depth at 32 13/16 — is that not the real world dimension?

Sean A806

Top loaders are the true and authentic automatic washer. I actually get more laundry done with my 30+ year old Maytag, and it only takes 30 minutes time to get a load of laundry done, and the dryer takes about 45 minutes to dry a load of clothes.

Bob Ranch

My 10 year old nephew also has this problem when I fire up the backup 2003 tube tv. You'll outgrow the noise around 17... earlier if you attend concerts:) How many litres does the side kick use compared to the main washer?

Mary Beth Mathews

I don't hear the high-pitch whine at all on my LG. Love the sidekick!

Sean A806

Steam dryers are a gimmick. Steam is created anyway when you dry clothes, especially with a gas dryer!

Derrick Willie

Wow. One of the worst reviews I've ever seen. I hope the manufacturer did not give you that for free.

Laquinta Lindsley

great review. thank you. it help me make my decision.

stephen shiller

My kid can hear it from the phone. I couldn't.


Thanks for the review! I ordered the 5.2 washer and the 9.0 dryer 4 piece set, (sidekick washer), from Sears at a sale price of $1975.17. That includes delivery and set up. I live in a tax free state, so price may vary for others.

Cadon Barton

Well, with you doing the Very Dry setting, it depends on the load size like is their is too little it will dry slower, If you have too much it will dry most cloths, but not all. I fill up my dryer ½ to ¾ the way full just so the cloths can still move around and have the opportunity to dry.

Chicken Permission

Hope you never get tinnitus you'll go mad.

Barbara Nelson

This is my second set of LG washer and Dryer and I have no problems with the quality

Barbara Nelson

Appliances connections has them way cheaper I only paid about 2300.00


Does your Sidekick fill with warm water when the Warm is selected? Mine only fills with cold!


Also, we got our LG 726520 and the Sidekick at Lowe's. Both were in the "scratch and dent" discount appliances. Since we bought both, they gave us a steal of a deal: $400 for the FL and $100 for the Sidekick. However, we were missing screws and the measuring cup for the Sidekick. We have all kinds of screws on hand, and the detergent cup for the Sidekick is not a necessity.

I am coming to an LG Steam washer FL (not exactly like this one) from doing laundry with a Kenmore 90 series to wash, and a Hoover twin tub to rinse and spin. The Kenmore cleans very well, but doesn't spin out at high speed, plus it uses a ton of water. The Hoover allowed me to reuse rinse water to pre-rinse, then a fresh water rinse in the spin can with a high extraction speed. We are on a well and septic, plus a whole house water softener, so I was trying to get clean laundry with a minimum of… Read more »