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Some deturgents have scents. Some deturgents are unsented. The Arm & Hammer Baking Soda works good. The Febreeze add on for laundry works great too.

Mario Reviews

I currently own a Samsung front load washer and its bigger than that machine, mines is 5.6 cubic feet. The reason I have it because I wash large loads like my family's clothes and work clothes, and I wash comforters as well. I always use the warm water though.


Thanks for the review Eugene. I actually have the cheaper model and I didn’t like it at first but now I love it. It uses very little water that I’m always impressed on how clean my clothes come out. I also have the matching sidekick that goes with it which is great as well.

J VON J Archie

Is it me? Or both LG's top and front load washers are really good quality appliances.

pat cola

Man that thing is huge. The Whirlpool I have 4.5 cu ft.and I think that's huge . I'm single and it takes a while to get a good size load of laundry up.

Jerome Davis

I'd like to see the LG Wm3900 on the cotton/normal cycle with turbowash active on cold temp. Just power on the machine, turn the dial once, hit the temp button 3 times, then hit start.

Sam Sen

It seems you get what you paid for. Only I hope they have used a better Suction pump motor this time. Not the crappy one that fails soon. And time only should tell that.
Good review.

John Texas

PS--I never, ever wash in cold water. Think of trying to wash greasy dishes in cold water.

John Texas

Great review! I wonder where the insanity with wanting huge loads will end. My mom had something like 9-10 pound washers when I was growing up and she certainly got all the wash done for a full family. Of course, the wash cycles back then were only about 30-45 minutes...