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Tommy D

this is a story bout a man named Jed..........

More Money

It's funny I'm self-taught and I do that exact same job all the time just like you. I just started using the pex about a year ago

Jason Bonk

Why does the PVC pipe for washer drain have to be so high?

Lawrence Meyers

Why did put discharged line all way top of crafter that was dum

K Wood

Thank you for all the videos, I have learned a lot from them.


you don't need a frostfree outside faucet in massachusettes it don't get that cold there

John Cantrell

Wish that outlet was a little farther away from all the water valves and drain, but I guess you gotta do what you have to sometimes.

Eddie 27886

What if the sewer line clogs past the washer drain and a toilet is flushed up stares. That would be a real shit show.

Rick Delair
Nice job Steve! I gave it the old Gundy in a wheelchair hooking up our new Crap-Tag front loader washer and dryer, Maytag USED to be good before they merged with shit-ass junk Whirlpool! 2 things about the new appliances I cannot stand---first, they are too deep and it impeded my wiggle room in my chair, and second, they have junk ass touch sensitive control buttons on the front and if you even BRUSH them the damn thing turns on, freaking annoying, modern electronics are SHIT. Ours has the 10 year warranty, which means it will fuck up BAD 10… Read more »

I always thought the drain shouldn't be higher than the top of the washer.

joe g

Hi Steve, that long riser is not needed, a 24-30" length piece would have sufficed. Also less wear and tear on the washer pump down the road. Still a good job all and all!

rick w

I was so confused, first I see Pex tubing, then a flex dryer duct, and then a broom... figured Steve woulda ran copper down, and some rigid piping... the flex stuff is ok, (at least its not the ol pvc crap) but I would have probably considered running the pipe a foot or two higher in case of snow... though I guess if its an electric dryer who cares...

working shlub

nice job steve...arent check valves in DWV system not allowed anymore??

Jake Andrus

God damn steve, sounded like you enjoyed giving that old cast iron pipe the gundy, nxt lvl

Otis PL

Ms. Molly has settled in nicely... Looking stylish in her Spring Outfits.

Richie Lopez

Always gotta be some haters clicking thumbs down!

Tim Hendley

I hate when she friggin steams out on ya. Can make a good day of soldering, go bad real quick...

Tim Hendley

That outside silcock would freeze solid here in the Midwest. Frost free only, by code.

Peter H

Nice job steve.
Check valves are not allowed on DWV in my area but you must install a backwater valve on any underground installation. That way you don’t have to go as high on the riser .