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Pat Pikulski

Looks at the cat like WTF are you... goes back to work without saying a word 😂😂


Did you say you put a tee on the cold line to feed the dryer?

greg keller

They must have a sale on washers and dryers up on your area 😆


Way to go Steve, adapt & adjust on the go, you can install/fix anything as long as you have your truck, a paper clip and a rubber band.

Vermont King

Love your videos, especially your Beckett burner ones saved a ton of money doing it myself.thank you!


5 supertechs wanted you to redo the wall to make it look like the Taj Mahal, good video Steve!


Nice job Steve. They all set for laundry day now!


Gas clothes dryers are so much more efficient than electric clothes dryer

Makita man

Did you all see that Molly had bones in her pocket

rcdogman duh

Opening with the dog drinking and giving you the FU look over his shoulder was great!

joseph belczynski

i agree with rick, same as car exhaust

J Colt

10 mama's boys in dirty cloths thumbed this video down! Thanks Steven.

Ride ThePace

I've seen people vent their dryers into the attic and terminate it. I would always make sure I knew for sure , on a gas dryer especially.

Skee Holmes
I believe MA plumbing code requires no more than 2 feet for a standpipe from exit of fixture (or hose) to the upper weir of the trap due to possible self siphoning of water out of the trap thus releasing sewer gases. Check your code book under traps. That height could put a strain on the washer pump too. That happened on a job. Kitchen trap was found piped in the basement. Customer smelled sewer gas. I Re-piped trap into kitchen cabinet. No more smell of sewer gas. Also Steve, I’d put a check valve back in that line because… Read more »
pen name

Sorry but you didn't pet the cat and under MA plumbing code requires you to at least rub up against it

Bob Tate

That pug dog drinking his water at the beginning sounds like an old washing machine. LOL

Ernie Laurent

If you put the dryer on the left the doors would be awkward


Didn't realize it was Washer/Dryer season already ... Next it'll be HVAC ... Lol ... Good hookup vid ... You should of let Miss Molly chase that old cat around for an hour or so for exercise ... Good vid Stevie Boy