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Ontopof Theroof
Please excuse my not watching the whole four hours of video, Dorian. But in what respect was it overloaded? In my experience, when you fill an x Kg rated machine with x Kg of laundry, it's overloaded. I'm convinced these numbers only have only but one reason, to get that desired A++++++++ energy rating. When I was shopping for a new washer, I noticed that with a certain unnamed Korean manufacturer (I will only tell they also sell a lot of phones) the volume of the drum was exactly the same for the 7, 8 and 9 Kg models of… Read more »
Dishy Dave

I'm impressed: my only experience of an LG was a 7Kg model back in 2007, which refused to operate at all if more than half full, and the service engineer who fixed it after it blew up under warranty told me that no LG machine would ever spin at all if more than 1/3 full. I still won't ever use one again, but none-the-less this is impressive.


It probably would of managed an overload no problem but the fact you had bulky items in there it was sensing an out of balance situation at the end obviously. I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole video tho so just skipped thro it. I did a tub/drum change on an hotpoint aqualtis like your last machine other day at work 😀

dave jones

Gotta say I fell a sleep watching but was up at 4am last night 🤣

vacuum chum

That unicorn looks like it wants out of there.😀

Toji George

Wow Dorian! I am VERY impressed! I can't believe you actually managed to overload that MASSIVE drum capacity 😂😂😂. But the cottons cycle would've been better 😉. Did you add that song at the start of the video for me btw 😂😉

Bruce Solomon

With the little faces spinning around in the window I thought that this was a Dimo Petkov video

Graham Clifford

Amazing video hooverlux on LG washing machine

Alex Beatty

How much is this in the UK? I'm convinced us Canadians get ripped off on front loaders currently the cheapest one I can find is 784 plus our vat


Are you only user of your machines or do others get to use them too? I love LG.

Jay Fantham

Jesus! It handled it pretty well i think!