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Sean A806

Here’s a video I found of a 1956 Whirlpool Imperial electric dryer in action, and this is what the Whirlpool dryers were like in the 1950’s and early 60’s, and sometimes I wish they still made dryers with the belt and pulley drum drive system since it’s over built and is much more quieter than most newer dryers are with a belt around the drum.


Nathanael Creighton

Get a used direct drive please! I like the sounds of direct drives better than the sound of speed queens. i hate the electronic controls on that washer. Why didn't you get a speed queen with mechanical controls?


Do you prefer a kinda spiral agitator or the speed Queen agitator?

So your large fill level is the same as my 8 series on medium which I think is a bit ridiculous that medium fills to within an inch of the large level. It's not just a quirk of my machine, I've seen other videos of other peoples machines and they all do the same thing. The only reason I can think of for Speed Queen to do this is that there are a lot of people that just cram as many clothes as possible into a machine and then try to save water. With Speed Queen having such a long… Read more »
Warren G

Top loaders are the best. I got family with front loaders...nothing but problems...and rubber fungus. Yet they continue to buy them. Whatever!! Great video!!


Lol came here from washday wash in 4.0 at sharkie 626’s place with the queed speen!

Jonathan Ashbeck

Great video, how long do you set the cycle in general on this?


Very nice turnover on the wash load! I'm glad to see the tub brake is broken in, too.

Bill Ivins

I've seen people describe Speed Queen top loaders as crude and primitive. I don't get it! I love my Speed Queen!


I just gotta say, I already knew the machine would do a perfect job, but it's pretty cool to hear something that new sound so strong, if you know what I mean.

The Nickster [NL.515]

Damned air pockets. That's one thing you can't argue with about 2 piece agitators, is the ability to break air pockets.


1 person wasted their money on a Life's Garbage "washing machine".