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umberto smith
I think the rule to remember is digital components fail...PCB boards fail. All of these electronic gadgets do nothing for the quality of the appliance.In the old days you could simply solder a bad joint on a contact switch, or even solder a togle switch to a failing component.Thermocouples...lot's of them were highly standardized...Now these new appliances are based on proprietary digital controllers and circuit boards.Older technology was better because it was a analogue and the service technician could actually figure something out.Today people just replace components.Even a 30 year old washer could be made like new for a couple… Read more »
C Minneapolis

Most notably missing are: Kenmore and LG? Is there a reason? Did you have a list of other models that you tested that did not make your top 10 list??

Miss desire Independance

I brought a whirlpool refrigerator and had trouble with it after a year. I had to call a repair technican several time to fix parts. I would not say they are the best brand. If others had a similar experience I would like you to chime in. I will try Frigidaire next time.

David Rajewski

Awesome idea for how to judge reliability. Thanks for the great video.

Pete  Barry

I like Amana. I've had my refrigerator for more than 23 years. I've had to replace the evaporator fan motor and the condenser fan motor. Now, the ice cube tray has a hole in it.
I have had the same success from my Amana washer and dryer. The washer developed a leak, that I couldn't fix, about 18 years in. The dryer is still going, but I have replaced the motor, the belt and the hot surface igniter.

Goldenboy Productions
I fix everything myself. I would never hire a contractor to fix my appliances. Either you delve into what you don't understand or you'll continue to get ripped off. Also, get your information from Consumer Reports. An unbiased found and true resource you can rely on if you don't know what to look for in a new appliance. This "Yale" thing I've never even heard of. I believe 20/20 did a special on appliances and it turned out that NONE of them were all that reliable anymore. Even the technicians agreed with that. The reason? Because the sale doesn't end… Read more »
Danf 313

I own a kenmore top loading washer for 18 years ...No complains here!

Shelley Sellars-Smith

My Duet Whirlpool washer/dryer set turned 17 in March and never had one service call. I am almost wishing something would happen so I can upgrade to the steam dryer and the washer within a washer model.

Hey Now

Hi I’m Steve,...speaking to you from my basement/office

Bryan Hauschild

Numbers don’t lie, but if it’s just the first years data, you will see drastic shift in placings as time goes on. I personally would want to know which company uses quality parts.

bare nekid

This is self serving Advert Hype I want to know Which brands remain reliable (trouble free) after their 10th !! birthday. My old GE lived for 25 yrs...and it had a mechanical timer.
Does ANY new machine deliver this level of reliability.

Charles Murphy

Thank you for this video and your use of actual service data to come to the conclusions as well as technician availability by brand in a service area.


I'd like to see a video on the reliability within the various levels of each brand. I keep hearing that Whirlpool and KitchenAid are reliable but I've had issues with both but I suspect it's because I've purchased on the lower end of their offerings — although the KitchenAid dishwasher was $1500! Do all of the dishwashers now how flimsy plastic racks?

Blue Girl

I was thinking about buying a Kitchen Aid refrigerator but it is even not on this list and neither is GE


Stay away from LG. Will never buy that brand again.

Whirlpool are horrendous when taking into account overall global reliability. I don't find just a first year view on reliability, I think a larger span of years who be a greater indication of reliability. Miele, worldwide, seems to have an overall best reliability over the course of ownership. They top most ownership satisfaction surveys and longevity, and seem to be universally reliable in a global setting. With horror stories from Whirlpool owners, both online and face to face, not to mention brands acquired by Whirlpool, those brands reliability has dropped significantly since being acquired by Whirlpool. Not to mention major… Read more »
Tim Young

The more tech u have the more problems to getting. Just get a simple washer no touchscreen washer. Just a old school mob washer


not Samsung — the MOST UNRELIABLE, GARBAGE HOME APPLIANCES I've had the immense displeasure to own — you have been warned.

Dustin Z.

Stay away from GE!
I am currently replacing all of my GE with Samsung

Derek Simenac

most major brands are the same crap. Got tired of repairing them so switched to sumsung. been repairing appliances for 30 years and have NEVER HAD TO REPAIR A SUMSUNG. LG were good 20 years ago but new major appliances are lucky to live more than a year. Do yourself a favour and buy an industrial restaurant or hotel appliance because they are designed to last. the average appliance is DESIGNED TO FAIL WITHING 3 YEARS just to keep consumers spending.

Patricia N

I've been told to stay away from both Frigidaire and Whirlpool appliances by many people; nothing but problems and junk. I don't feel this is a reliable video; you're simply pushing the brands you sell.

Charles Tatakis

We've been buying appliances for over 35 years and we agree with the findings regarding Maytag, Whirlpool.

Matt Haney

This dude has not blinked. That is disturbing.


bought brand new samsung fridge stove dishwasher and microwave. Never buying that junk again. everything making weird noises. samsung support hangs up on me and doesnt care

Wm Anderson

I can’t comment on some of the brands mentioned here but I can tell you that in my opinion and experience WHIRLPOOl and GE appliances are JUNK!
Everything about them is cheap except the price, buyer beware!!!!

Lesley Rutz

Glad you acknowledged the MASSIVE amount of complaints online for LG. If their experiences are anything like ours, they are well deserved. Our 2.5 yr old French door. Quit working, no fridge, no freezer. 18 scheduled calls. Evaporator and motherboard replaced twice. Compressor and three way switch, replaced three times. Countless hours that I could not use my kitchen because the repair tech had its guts spewed everywhere. Seven months and L G finally agreed to prorate out the fridge. After three repairs, we should have gotten a new one. Not 14 “repairs”. Shame on LG.