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Everytime I see his thumbnail I think he's just another vlogger lol

Lee-Anne Widnall

One on the left is fake cos the bottom of the nine is curved

angre plase 2

Yes this Samsung Galaxy is fake and you have a big fake man in the world

CracKiz Music

When it comes to recognizing a fake phone the camera is the deal breaker. The fake cameras are so obvious no matter how identical the fake phone is.

Awesome Sauce

The sign at the back looks like a dick with glasses

music india

Help me with money my UPI id🆔
Give me money🤑💸💵💴💶💰💳

itzblue eyes

im a samsung galaxy fan cause like most of my family has samsung galaxies and they're lit all apple users give samsung a chance i have already given apple a chance (and it was ok but im still a galaxy fan)

Truth Rock

I think the fake is as good as real. If I didn't see the real, I wouldn't know the difference anyway. What do we do with phone anyway? E-mail, youtube, few calls, and lots of texting, right? maybe few games, then anyphone these can do that with bigger screen. People always need to get a new phone even though the old phone still do the same thing.


Before buying install aida 64 to check if it's fake or genuine

रमेश नाथ नाथ

राम रमेश नाथ तिवारी

Cody Mashburn

Why doesn't anyone want to do the s9 every video I see is the +

Pietri Guitars

How do they compare in the waterproof department? Is the fake one even water resistant at all?

dermot mcdaniel

watching this on my fake samsung galaxy s9

Santiago Leon

My question is if you have the money and time to develop a phone that looks and is similiar to the s 9 why not get the actual one

Serby Drobnjakovic

I just got the fake s10 ... 90 bucks ... 6 ram 64 rom. Even if it works 6 months it's better than spending 1500 on a phone

Earl Herbert

Samsung made them two phones...people... Don't fooled

ArticDirector Gameplays

Lg did the face recognition first

AbstracTAssassin 30

Number one because I have the my S9+ box to show me. Bot cheating using my resources

little bou

If u look on top of his head it looks like a Pepe as at the starting


I catch your drift, you want to sexualize AI but only female sounding AI 😉 I catch you right ayyyyye

Mert Kuşçu

Türkçe altyazılı videolar olsa daha iyi olacak

GeorgeGerr 27

Why is h tryna be like unbox therapy with jack and shit 🤣😂