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M.D texting stories

Mine fall all the time, now they get out of the box when they fall. A dude in my class walked on them and scraped them with his shoes, they still work. So I don’t know if it’s just that I’m lucky or something. Once they were in my pocket in the washing machine but they still work. 🤯 thanks AirPods!

Naero Music

I can verify as well that these fucks are incredibly water resistant. I dropped mine by accident when I had them in the same pocket as my phone which had a rubber case and it was snowing outside when it happened so I could not hear them drop, I'm not sure when exactly I dropped them but at least 2 days went by without me knowing that I had dropped them. They survived snow and rain, I'm blown away.

jitendra yadav

but my airpods not working it’s going to washining mashing what i have to do

Martina Xx

I dropped one of my airpods in water and searched up how to remove water from an AirPod , it said that you possibly couldn’t. But they still work so 😂


Everythingapplepro: “if they were black you wouldn’t be able to find them”

Apple: “matte black apple AirPods 2”

elchin nadjafov


YouTube deleted My old account

Who else is listening with AirPods

Gaming Hosd

Thank you so much for doing this video I drop my iPod down the toilet when I was brushing my teeth got really worried they still wouldn't work but when I dry one of the left ear ones it stilled worked I was omg no fucking way so thanks you for this video its help me a lot that they do work good work adios

Cherry Pie

My AirPods went in a full cicle and they are F**KED

Dialup Dude

Air pods are for people who are so broke they can't afford to have wires on their headphones

Vbucks5 Vbucks5

I wash my AirPods like 4 times it still works but it’s kinda fuck up now like the box will only charge to 1 percent

Peachy MSP 0408

Anyone else watching with their WIRED earbuds in??


Don’t try at home? Well let’s try at a public place like a mall... 😆

Elliott Pomarico

Plug the wired ones into the airpods case lmfao

Elliott Pomarico

Who else is watching this with regular EarPods and crying?

Dregg B

I watched this with AirPods and I am traumatized


Why one watching this because There getting AirPods?🤔

Swagybo 1

Only came to watch this video cuz mine actually went in laundry by accident and I didn’t notice and I also dry them by accident , and yes they work and all but I’m still curious to why the light on the box chnage from like red orange to like Light pink :/

NateTheGamer YT

Who else watched this with there air pods after dropping that money on ear buds this hurts to watch.


To have more of a accurate result use different air pods and it's case it is weakens it