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Dimitri Borozny

Stinky like your black socks,Kristy!!

The Pickle

Glad to see that Samsung and Valve are finally working together. I can’t wait to play all my favorite Steam games on my new Samsung dishwasher

Sony Guirand

“We’ve got plenty of blue shirts that need washing”

Me: applies for Best Buy

Aaron Wilson

Interested in the steam cleaning aspect and the benefit to on-line advertising is being more generous with humor AND information...
I find myself a little disappointed with this ad (nothing relative to the steam cleaning tech from this Best Buy Labs commercial)😑.

Frank Gutowski

Absolutely nothing said about how steam supposedly cleans. Just vague generalizations.

Jimmy Iggy

You can stack these......but will need a ladder to use the controls for the machine on top.

سنفور سياسي


معضلة ضوجوا برقم التلفون
والسلام والعتاب ومصطفى القندرجي مطروه عيوره وعراك خل نضحك

Obwan Kenobi

Sumsung customer service is the pits. I bought a Samsung's front loader from sears. Looks like someone at the factory sat on the door and
Flex out the metal, cracked the hinge too. Nearly fell off the first time I opened it. Samsung refused to honor the warrenty clamming I abused it!
Sears being honest took it back. Got a 1200$ lg front loader from them for the cost of the Samsung for my trouble! Same story with my Samsung plasma TV, cracked hanging on the wall. Said I did it! Stay away from this manufacturer !

WhitePearl Underground

shut your mouth big US cow! 🤐 🐄

Ivan Nava

The phones are Samsung's Galaxies
The Washing machines are Samsung's Blackholes or Wormholes


90 years ago my grandmother used to boil stains out of clothing I guess that’s where were going back again


First we get steam link on iOS, now on our washers. THANK YOU! Now I can finally play skyrim in literally any room during any task