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Hadi Nassereddine

I don’t like Samsung but I love ninja

I am lonely Jig

Kick that kid ninja and add the legendary SHROUD

Mohd Salah

Ninja is a PC gamer not mobile gamer. 😂

rheys Adventures

I just hope there OS support is almost good as iphone... For the price sammy fans and user deserve more

sub4me 4 a cookie

This video gives me a tutorial of how to stream snipe ninja

odia clash of creativity

Goo too heil Samsung I love other brands I hate for you price and Exynos proccecers


It's weird seeing my favourite brand with the game I hate


It's funny he calls himself a pro gamer hahahahhahahahaha


Increase the battery life of your phone's Samsung! That's all we want

Syed Aliuddin

First unlock 25 watt charging speed in s10 plus

Pawid Dodsiadło

Clap clap samsung👏 fortnite is very popular right now

Rodrigo Cabrera

I love my Galaxy S10+ but this ad with ninja 🤮🤮🤮

Andrei Iacob

You tell me from s10 plus and s9 plus that you recommend and Which is best . ??