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Jake Denteith

I swear the fish must think your are bombing them lol

raymond jarvis

Gordon,when was you last physical?you sounding heavy today

Barry Laws

You can stack Dr Leo and ice in the LG for parties and spin dry when the ice melts

Ken Lizzio

Super electronics shop. As you say a one stop shop.
Love those super size beer cooler fridges 🍺🍻


Mr Gordon, the First Thing that comes in an Englishman's mind is Dr Leo...or a pint or a larger? How come You don't mentioned Ceylonese tea? and all the hot scones and cakes?

Randell Pepler

I am sure May will be well pleased with her new LG. Had an earlier similar model for the last 9 years not the lest of problems. I am sure your well chuffed about your gazillions of Tilapia fry and well you should be , right on. Those chicken will be waiting your daily arrival and following you about the farm 555 Keep up the great job buddy I look for to my dose of smiles daily. By the way the opening shot of the yellow flower buds and the bees was incredible thanks

Christopher Stevenson

Thanks for my daily Thai fix. Fabulous job yet again. Interesting store and enjoy the gardening. I have a video of Wales from the air or drone I have to watch. Love all your hard work.

Mark Cynic
It hasn't been the "land of song" for decades, Gordon. Most of the local choirs disappeared in the 80s with the demise of the pits.I think your garden plants are suffering from far too little water. The tomatoes in particular are showing typical signs of this with their small fruit and withered, crispy leaves. When you trial your aquaponics and new set of tomatoes, split the tomato bed in two and apply three times as much water to one side as the other. I'll buy you a case of Leo if adequate watering doesn't improve things greatly, you can send… Read more »
David Robert Thomas

Any songs about Welsh shallots? I''ll consult my Welsh chapel hymn book. If it isn't in my Baptist hymn book it could always be in the Methodist! 555 I was shocked to see the prices of electrical goods in the shop. 25,000baht for a washing machine is over 600 pounds and bearing in mind a Thai person is paid 300baht a day it would be impossible for most people to buy. How do the Thai wash their clothes? Do the locals bring their washing to you? Best wishes

loren johns

Hi Gordon, is there a good way to contact you? Facebook, email I have a question about Bethany children’s home

magnus berg

not a front loaded farange thing even over here the lundry shops charge more for that machinery and they pay for it no 1 clean clothes

Handzy Efc

The LG will last a long time, the only problem May will have with it ( not you as you won't be doing the washing) is she looks too small to reach the bottom of it 😀👍

Mark Loveridge

gorden please buy hosepipe it's only B10 a meter mate 55555555555


Didn't see any Bosch appliances & come to think of it don't think I've noticed any Bosch stuff on my many trips to Thailand not that I spend much time in shops. Expect most if not all of the appliances on show were probably produced in Thailand therefore having no import taxes.Just a bit of an observation, I'm not really boring & not German. LOL

John .Mitch

Have you forgotten you are on a !!RESTRICTED!! Dr Leo diet?????

Billy Johnson

Hello Gordon, we left the Philippines March 30th. We are on our road trip now till sept 1 then back to Cebu. If your going to the philippines delay till we get back if you can.

Thank you for your video.You got me thinking of laundries when there's no washing machine to be had.Besides doing it by hand in a brook, stream, or river, a tiring and monotonous job, the only way I have done laundry fairly easily and efficiently "off grid" so to speak, (I was living on my boat) was in a six gallon plastic bucket with a hole drilled in the lid to accommodate a toilet bowl plunger handle. (reserved for the washing purpose only!) Still fairly labour intensive with a lot of wringing and rinsing but living down south it was all… Read more »
laurie rudham

Washing machine,whatever next. What's wrong in sending May down to the river bank to bash the washing on a couple of bricks 🙁

laurie rudham

Pachelbel nice. But every time you turn that tap on I need the bathroom. 🙁


Do you think it’s possible to grow tomatoes all year round Gordon.

Alfred Angelici

Gordon, does that washing machine ALSO DRY the clothes? I know from traveling and working in Asia that many times these units are a “combo” washer/dryer.

james brashear

when you do the flowers opening, and sunrises how do you set the time lapse . time and photos per minute etc. aperture, f-stop etc? I am a newbie.

Loren Johns

Gordon. I looked in the about tab but I don’t see an email address.

Mark Loveridge

you hit the nail on the head when a thai wife want's what she want's there ain't no changing 55555