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Rja Met

Sir please one job give me but uneducated please my name is Raj my WhatsApp number 91 7892011464

Unbolted TV

What's cool about a washing machine? Make innovative things and cheap things pls.

Joshua Chella

Can you please make a top loader version


Samsung washing machines are better than Apple washing machines 🤛🏾


If you can’t afford it, there’s a cheaper one with a voice assistant. Simply say, “Mom, can you do my laundry?” and your clothes will be washed in a few hours.

Belang Tarung

All the new Q-Drive advert shows they wash only 1 to 3 clothes per run just to prove the quality of washing... how about wash to the max capacity... will it gives same result?

Rahul Katare



Who wants you, but who wants you, but Samsung, please write in the comment

Hayder A

ME:siri swipe left
Siri:do it yourself
Bixby:hold my button

killer GTX

Apple Washing Machine

door sold separately

Hanen Lina

لي هرلي و ما فهم شيء يدير صف ورايا