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Dji phantom 4 pro v2.o v2.o video


the youtubers

Hey SAMSUNG! Can you make a SamsungStation? Like ps4 Xbox so can you make SamsungStation? If u can't im 🙁

Agus Fadillah Sani

Attractive washing machine sound. Like, noise makes fall asleep.


Bought one a few years ago 😁I love it


It’s cool but it’s probably 2+ thousand dollars knowing Samsung with their appliances


Wow even tho i dont care about washing machines its still impressive how quiet it is and i will buy it when i grow up

Don Keller 3rd

Lol we all going to forget , we washing 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

Alexander Wallner

Super coole Werbung machts ihr Samsung 🤩👍😎

Life Style

second love samsung
ps i have a yiutube chanel pls subscribe


Now, I need a quiet vacuum and quiet hair dryer. Please Samsung.

I'm not Steve

0:27 I thought my phone turned off 🤣 love you samsung best company ever I'd like to have samsung galaxy s10 to try it😋

Shayari with Shree

Samsung make always awesome product


Would u look at that it’s water proof

David Johnson

If it can be that silent can we have the option to play music from the in built speakers ? 😆

Ibrahim Ibrahim

اني من الصبح ناطر ال AL 10 NOTE

blind kurdi / بلند كوردى

Please add (always on display) to new galaxy j6 update version

Tausif Jahangir

So many sounds shown in the background a little sound off a washing machine should not be a problem.