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everybody ive known with a samsung/ LG washer, has had mega problems, same with there refrigerators,, we have a old Maytag commerical I got 16 years ago, for like 30 bucks, and the dryer is a whirlpool, that again I got used, the fridge was a new samsung, in 5 years its cost me a bundle


Yeah but while these immigrants are on their way to get their U.S. citizenship who is paying their bills? Us working class U.S. citizens that's who. Sheesh what a wonderful country. Back to washer and dryers... Nothing beats the old Kenmore appliances. They last 25+ years. I bought my used pair off Craigslist for $150 and 10 years later, still working great. They even had the plastic still on the panels.

Marvin Clayton

I have the same washer that you just got. It works good but a little slow.