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Mike Jones

Why would you fast forward thru the hard parts?

Cornelius Arnold

I open back of Washing machine cook off top holes for drain put my finger in there and I felt fuzz I took a long 4 Inch Screw stuff it in there and turned it on to the screw and I put a big leg lob out Without even taking the pump apart or off the machine started running excellent after that

Dee T

I had to like an subscribe being a woman is not easy. Fixed it with no problem. I did not even have to take everything off the pump just the the two screws. It was clogged with the stuffing of a pillow. The repair man was not coming until tomorrow, and I was not about to wait.

Peter Vargas

Wow! Just saw this video and I'm remembering back to when my wife started having problems with our other washer that's sitting in my storage shed. I remember she would wash pillows and sometimes they would get ripped apart. You might have just got some 💰 in my pocket! I will video tape my repair adventure!

kenneth nichols

Thanks for this video! My washer wasn’t starting. It was just doing the humming bit. I opened up the pump, and found a sock in it! Put everything back together, and it works great! Thanks again!


I have this same washer, they are garbage.

Benjamin White

Thanks so much for this. My wife had a pillow rip open in the wash which put a bunch of cotton into the drain. I didn't even have to take the pump apart, once I took the hose off the pump outtake I could see the wad of cotton through the swing door. Pulled it out in one huge chunk followed by a huge rush of water. Replaced the hose and the pump started working normally. Took me 12 minutes to watch the video and 10 minutes to fix the problem. This video made it easy.

dillonwells1 .crazyNewfie

Thanks a million! Thanks to this video I was able to do this myself. And I am not a mechanical person by any means. There was a baby sock in my pump. Mine is a newer model but same basic idea. The only problem I had was after I got pump apart I could not remember how to get it back together. Figured it out after a while. Thank you so much saved me big $$


Your video was very helpful. Thought I was gonna spend all day trying to figure out. I dont have the exact model like yours very similar tho. I found a kids sock clogging the inlet to the drain pump. Thanks alot.


THANK YOU BROTHA' !!! You just saved me from having to spend $295.00 !!! You made me a Hero to my family! I had the exact same problem, a big clog of gunk and fuzz. THANK YOU!

Rich Acevedo

Thank you my issue was a small piece of a plastic coat hanger stuck in the impeller i was able to see it through the inlet and pull it out with needle nose pliers.

Matt Matarazzo

After watching this video my girlfriend was confident enough to try and fix our unit. She went step-by-step and in under an hour we were back up and running! Turns out a sock was clogging the pump by the check valve. Thank you for being so detailed and going SLOWLY so its an easy follow along.

Elizabeth Waddell

When you put the motor back on, should it attach solidly to the base? Mine still wiggles.

Barnabas HD

Thank you for being so detail oriented. Sometimes these DIY repair videos don't give enough detail. You actually helped me resolve my issue with my samsung washer.

Ryan Roach

Hey man, just followed your video for the exact same problem...worked perfectly. THANKS!

Justin Waugh

Woulda been nice if you'd have shown the cover being put back on. I can't get it to fit at all.

DanMTZ Gaming

just wait until Apple makes their iwasher


We thank you so much... We followed your video step by step and now our washer is working. Water on floor was no fun! Lreand that we needed a biger bucket. Ha ha

Only The Truth

Your awesome, advice worked like a charm. I found a couple of Bobby pins in the pipe. I'm glad I found your video!!!


Thank you for this. Not looking forward to this fix!

Brian Buckingham

Great video! Does your washing machine leave residue on your clothes? We've tried everything we can think of to clean or reduce our soap use. Still residue on clothing.

Mark Dejong

Thanks! Your fix worked perfectly. Found some Lego in the pump.

Steve Waterman

Awesome, you just saved my a $100 pump


This sounds terrible but i hope more things of yours break, so i can watch more of your videos! Fantastic job.


What if i just bought the washer and its doing the same thing

Tien Tran

Thank you so much. I had the same problem and got it fixed in less than an hour. However, I got water spilled all over the floor and had to use a shop vac to dry. Now that I am thinking about that, I should have used the shop vac to get the water out from the drum first. Anyway, the mess is not too bad and you saved my day. Really appreciated.

Garfield Redden

Your video just saved me $500 bucks...thank you.
Mine had a baby sock in it.
Samsung said 3 to 5 days before they could come look at at. Done it after watching you do it. I went step by step with you.
Again thanks

Victoria Parker

Thank you for this! Didn't even need to take the pump out... a sock was easily visible in the pump as soon as I took the hoses out! I definitely made a mess with the water though... Thank you for your video which gave me the confidence to tackle this problem on my own!

Gods Least Favorite
Nice work. After watching your breakdown I had a thought. Would not a person potentially save time if they removed the inlet drain hose from the pump and used a coat hanger or something similar and fished around in there for some blockage material. Perhaps the fishing loosened up the debris. Then plug or block off the discharge end that goes into the wall drain, take a shop vac and suck from the pumps inlet side and hopefully remove the debris in this manner. Could be worth a try. And by the way when I took off the rubber discharge hose to the… Read more »

God bless you man! Fixed my problem. I had the exact same issue I was able to fix my washer same day without having to call someone

Henry Whitaker

THANK YOU. Glad I know how to do this now. We tried to wash some patio pillows in our washer and they exploded... This saved the day!

Joseph Henderson

Came to review how to drain the washer for our move and find Cobalt.


Thanks so much the demo. My husband was out of town when the washer wouldn't drain. We have only had it for 5 months so I did everything you showed and found a paperclip in the water pump. Now the washer is working and my husband will be thrilled that for once he doesn't have to be the fix-it man. It took me much longer than 1 hour. Lol! But I did it!!!!!!!

Kerry Witte

Thanks for the demo! Washers working again!!

Patrick DeSantis

Thanks! Mine had a little sock in it.