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Kristine Maitland

Points to the person who created the Mike the Cameraman promo video.

The Walrus

I’m all for the washing machine in a utility room or bathroom. The thought of dragging dirty underwear into a food-prep area gives me minor heebie-jeebies.


"the cameraman" is all the surname you need, apparently


TFW you realize that his Madam Toussaud's figure has more realistic hair than Donald Trump...


I love that Mike Cameraman is on the desk surrounded with hearts.


First I thought it was just me thinking the cameraman was handsome.
Then they started explaining that everyone else did as well.

C Fields

I love that my comment was incorporated into the tv episode. BTW that line, "looks like a cool drink on a hot summer day" is a pick up line I heard years ago and it worked. You are welcome.


12:41ish ... Is that cold, grated cheese for nachos? Maybe, maybe it's one of the crumbly, soft, white cheeses.

Otherwise, it's a war crime.


I would vote for sadiq khan as prime minister just to see Trump have to meet him on these visits or better yet not come at all.

MP Ella Williams

The washing machine goes in the laundry room. How is that a question?

Ex Essex

3:55 Take a look at that buffoon in the car and tell me how anybody could take that person seriously when he's dressed so ludicrously. He looks like a complete fool. Is this kind of laughable garb supposed to impress people? It's not impressive — it's idiotic. Still, when a person lies for a living and runs a paedophile/pervert networking service, perhaps it doesn't matter so much what he wears.

Martin Perry

A couple of points. The Queen's hands are as large as the Donald's. Also, the Donald's massive brain isn't all that massive.

Alejandro Carlos

Does Trump switch his phone off on Air Force One??? Doesnt he have internet on the plane?? 🤔


He didn’t do well considering he berated the London Mayor and public ally backed Boris, in front of Theresa May. Me falling in the politics of the country visited being something heads of state never do.

Sara Lyons

Forget about #MikeforPM, Can we get him over to the US to try to primary Trump? I don't care that he's not eligible to hold office, I just want to see it happen...


He didn't do that great while he was over there, he managed to pull a 180 during an interview after the D-Day celebrations and attack Mueller (a war vet with a purple heart) while sitting in front of a thousand war graves. That speech he gave was someone else's words, his own words were despicable...

Lee Olsson

That doll is SO well made. Amazingly realistic.


You’re a gem Bob for these uploads. Please keep them coming.


Michael Portillo went to Harrow School ... not the one you have to pay thousands per year for but the local state school. Trump did call Twat Khan a 'stone cold loser' but only after Khan, who is an historically ignorant moron, called Trump a Nazi. So there you have it a man who thinks murdering six million Jews is the same thing as saying the US may need to protect itself from Islam-fascists terrorists. Still, Khan is a member of an anti-Semitic organisation.

Jose Theragood

Y'all gonna love them 600 pound ambulance rides if you let us have at the NHS.